We all need a little sweetness from time to time and for me it is this drink. It smells heavenly and is the first thing I drink in the morning or as a sweet treat at the end of a long day. The benefits of turmeric tea are endless!

To start the day it’s super healthy! Turmeric has incredible benefits. This is one of the best spices. Here’s why :

1. It is an antiseptic agent and a natural antibacterial, useful for the disinfection of cuts and burns.

2. When mixed with cauliflower, it has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and stop the growth of existing prostate cancer.

3. Prevented the spread of breast cancer to the lungs in mice.

4. Can prevent melanoma and may induce existing melanoma cells to commit suicide.

5. Reduces the risk of childhood leukemia.

6. Is a detoxifier of the natural liver.

7. Can prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by suppressing the accumulation of amyloid plaques in the brain.

8. Can prevent the production of metastases in many forms of cancer.

9. It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that works as well as many anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the side effects.

10. He showed promise in slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis in mice.

11. Is a natural painkiller and a COX-2 inhibitor.

12. Can help with weight management.

13. Has long been used in Chinese medicine to treat depression.

14. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

15. Increases the effects of the anticancer drug Paclitaxel and reduces its side effects.

16. Promising studies are underway on the effects of turmeric on pancreatic cancer.

17. Studies are ongoing on the positive effects of turmeric on multiple myeloma.

18. It has been shown to stop the growth of new blood vessels in tumors.

19. Accelerates healing and helps damaged skin to reshape.

20. May be useful for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin inflammatory disorders.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, recent research on both turmeric and curcumin are very promising: ^

“Curcumin seems to delay liver damage that can eventually lead to cirrhosis, according to an experimental preliminary study at the Medical University of Graz in Austria. Research at Kansas State University found that adding certain spices, have turmeric, can reduce levels of heterocyclic amines, carcinogenic compounds that form when meats are grilled, boiled or fried , up to 40%.

Rodent studies at the University of Texas indicate that curcumin inhibits the growth of skin cancer and melanoma and also slows the spread of breast cancer in the lungs.

Researchers at the University of South Dakota have found that pretreatment with curcumin makes cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Epidemiologists have suggested that turmeric, which is one of the daily curries consumed in India, can help explain the low rate of Alzheimer’s disease in this country. Among people aged 70 to 79, the rate is one-quarter lower than in the United States.

And at least one new study indicates the effectiveness of curcumin in the treatment of arthritis. Arthritis is so common and the results are so interesting that it’s worth a closer look. “

It makes you want to make tea is not it?

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Turmeric tea


1 cup of coconut milk (or almond)

½ teaspoon of cinnamon

½ teaspoon of turmeric

1/8 of nutmeg

A touch of Cayenne pepper

Honey for your taste


Put the coconut milk, spices and honey in a saucepan and heat on very low heat. If you fire it too much coconut milk it will get too thick. Pour and enjoy.