Create your own ecological home with wooden bricks

Thanks to Brikawood, a French company based in Ari├Ęge, building your house is child’s play and without breaking the bank. These houses are sold as kits, and in addition to assembling easily, they are very design and environmentally friendly. This company has created bricks from wood, it was necessary to think! Thanks to these bricks, assembly becomes child’s play as there is no need for any tools or glue! You can build your own house in just a few days at an unbeatable price.

In addition to proposing houses in kit very design, they are also very ecological. The brick houses of Brikawood have been tested in some countries such as Canada and Finland, where temperatures can be very tough, and they have been very successful in insulation.

Wooden bricks

Source : Brikawood

Brikawood recovers all the wood chips he puts in the bricks to plug the holes. This makes it possible to offer a very good airtightness.

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