Costa Rica has been living with 100% renewable electricity for 113 days

It has been several years since Costa Rica swears by renewable energy. Between January and October 2015, Costa Rica consumed “greenelectricity at 98.7% of total consumption, of which 100% for 285 days …

In the first half of 2016, the average was 96.36% and today it is 113 consecutive days that Costa Rica only operates on renewable electricity.

The 5 million Costa Ricans are mainly supplied by hydroelectric dams already established, but also by geothermal energy, wind turbines, biomass, and solar panels.


The country wants to gradually stop the exploitation of coal and oil to better move towards energy independence. But for that you have to make some sacrifices /

Indeed, Costa Rica plans to build the El Diquis dam, which is the subject of much debate. To build it, you must submerge 7,000 hectares of land, a third of which is inhabited by an indigenous people called the Teribes.

Gilberto de la Cruz, director of dam planning explains that this situation is complex: “Estimated at two billion dollars, the future power plant of El Diquis, in the south of the country, will have a power of 650 MW in 2025, twice the Reventazon plant. But the site provokes the opposition of the Indian populations of the region, who will have to be consulted before launching the first bulldozers. In case of refusal, the country will probably have to import liquid natural gas to meet its growing needs. “

Costa Rica shows that fossil fuels are not needed and that it is quite possible to supply a country with hydropower, geothermal sources, solar panels, wind turbines, and biomass.

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