Cooking wild is possible! and it’s very good for your health

Cooking wild is possible! and it’s very good for your health. Eating dandelions or nettles picked at the bend of a path seems insane to you? Not that much ! In recent years, the wild cuisine returns to the front of the stage with good recipes under its wing …

Cooking wild is possible! and it’s very good for your health

Since the beginning of the century, harvests in the wild have almost disappeared while wild plants have interesting nutritional and medicinal properties. We almost forgot that it was possible to “cook wild” that is to say to pick plants in its close environment (balcony, garden, roadsides …) to make good little dishes.

Some identify the sustainable food par excellence (ultra local and seasonal), others a food resource does not monopolize farmland or fossil materials for harvesting, packaging or transport. In any case, learning to awaken one’s gaze, to seek and to recognize (imperatively because some are toxic) a plant to consume it, allows us to discover a true open-air pantry!

The virtues of this forgotten cuisine are multiple: free access to a healthy and sustainable food for all, activities in groups and outdoors, free and sharing of knowledge, practical awareness of biodiversity, voluntary simplicity, collective heritage and food sovereignty … But the idea is not to return to an era of harvesters excluding any production chain! Everything is in the right measure. It’s about living a new and fulfilling experience by punctually integrating some wild plants on the menu. A good way also to recreate the link with nature for those who have the chance to rub shoulders with it and to be more sensitive to its preservation.

In order to give credibility and update the use of wild edible plants, a new collaborative website will be inaugurated at the end of April with the aim of becoming a reference point in the field (). It will offer free botanical sheets and recipes. great chefs, hotel schools, individuals, … all validated by a scientific committee. Directed by the company Greenpig (Belgian agency), it will be managed by the association Wild Kitchen, created in 2010 by Lionel Raway.

Wild cooking: Here is an excerpt from the show: “Roots and Wings: The Pyrenees, between France and Spain”

This young association, supported by various public and private partners, wants the benefits of wild plants to be enhanced. Cuisine asbl, recognized as an organization of Nature Education, also offers awareness activities such as lang = “en-FR”> discovery walks of common plants, cooking workshops at home (with family or colleagues) or training in wild cuisine. The association also participates in the Universal Expo in Milan (from May to October 2015) whose theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, will be an opportunity to reflect and find solutions to problems related to the environment. today’s diet.

Finally, to make its site more interactive, Cuisine sauvage association organizes a contest from May 1st to June 30th. The participants will have to make a personal recipe based on wild edible plants, take a picture and put it on the new site. Internet users will vote for the best proposal and its inventor will win a home cooking course worth 349 €. Ready to discover the virtues of nature around you and sublimate it in the kitchen?

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