Color of your tongue: what it reveals about your health

2. Color of your tongue: Thin white, visible traces of teeth and some red spotsThis condition shows a lack of energy and constant fatigue, poor appetite, and excessive sweating. This is common among people who are worried and anxious.

3. Thin yellow layer in the middle and dark red color of the tongueTypical in people with problems with digestion, dehydration and skin diseases. Mood swings are another visible symptom noticed in people with such changes.

4. Thick white layer, swollen edges – This also indicates digestion disorders, or water retention. These people often suffer from fatigue and lethargy.

5. Dark spots and purple tongue – Indicator of possible blood congestion and vein problems. Swollen feet, headaches, chest pains and dull skin are the most common symptoms seen in these people.

6. Thin white layer and red tip – This state shows an altered emotional state. Energy accumulates in the body and causes frequent inflammation.

7. Color of your tongue: Red tongue and white layers – Indicator of the increase in body temperature possibly caused by infections and skin problems.

8. Thick white layer, and pale tongue, swollenPossible infection, as well as deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Also, if you have pale skin, pains in the pelvis and a feeling that is similar to panic, consult your doctor immediately.

9. Small cuts / cracks – Fungal infections often manifested by sweating, insomnia and irritation.

10. Pale tongue, no visible layers – This condition is caused by a decrease in blood flow, anemia, memory and concentration problems. Women with this condition often have a hormonal imbalance.

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