Coconut oil would be as bad for your health as bacon or palm oil

Renowned for its alleged benefits, coconut oil is to be avoided, according to the new guidelines of the American Association of Cardiology (AHA). Rich in saturated fats, it is, according to cross-sectional analysis of seven studies, as bad for health as butter, palm oil or bacon.

This oil “increased LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in seven clinical trials, and significantly in six. The authors did not find any differences in the increase between coconut oil and other oils high in saturated fats such as butter, beef fat or palm oil. “

According to American cardiologists of the American Association of Cardiology (AHA) “there are no measured positive effects”.

Therefore, “consumption of coconut oil is not recommended”.

Cheese is also to be reduced

According to the AHA, saturated fats increase bad cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Even the cheese does not find favor with its eyes:

“For years, some have speculated that cheese was a category apart because it comes from fermentation. But no study supports the hypothesis that fermentation creates nutrients that counterbalance the harmful effects of saturated fat in cheese. “

The findings of the report do not declare war on fat, which we need in a balanced diet. But the association recommends vegetable oils rich in monounsaturated fats (olive, almond, avocado) and polyunsaturated (sunflower, grape seeds, nuts).

Be careful with cooking

When cooking with hot, it is especially important to pay attention to the point of smoke, the temperature at which the oils begin to denature, with bonds that break in fatty acids and cause the appearance of undesirable compounds, some carcinogens.

The temperature varies (virgin oil, refined etc.) but in general, for frying, avoid linseed oil and nuts and prefer peanut oil, rapeseed (canola) or corn, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The champion is avocado oil (271 ° C) but its price too high is dissuasive. And what to do with your liter of coconut oil at 17 euros? It seems that it works wonders for dry hair

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