Coca paid a million to make sure we do not know that

But in recent times Coca-Cola is controversial, it is often accused of promoting obesity and causing many deaths each year. As Coca-Cola’s profits plummet, Coca-Cola’s brands like Powerade, Honest Tea and Simply Orange are the new profit center.

In October, they confessed to having funded more than $ 1 million to fight GMO labeling in Washington. Now that we know the truth, activists for healthy eating are taking revenge.

Coca paid a million dollars

Andrew Kimbell, one of the founders of the Center for Food Security, says:

“Healthy drinkers want to know what’s in their food. By using money from the sale of natural brands to secretly fund an anti-choice program that denies consumers the right to know what they are eating, Coca-Cola has betrayed the public interest. “

“We agree with the food revolution network. And we launched a petition calling on Coca-Cola to stop funding GMO anti-labeling campaigns. “

Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola comments: “We have … offered many opportunities to people. “

But as far as Coca-Cola is concerned, we obviously would never have known for sure whether our food was genetically modified or not. As Seth Goldman has reported, the co-founder of Honest Tea, Coca-Cola will not specifically fund attempts to beat the l-522. So, Coca-Cola probably thought that illegal money laundering on GMA would have remained secret.

Honest Tea does not care so much about the truth, because it does not tell you that your food is genetically modified by putting a biological fig on a strategy supposed to launder money.

What makes matters worse is that while Honest Tea works hard to ensure there is no GMO labeling, on their website they happily announce that their brand is GMO-free.

Coca paid a million dollars:

When I wrote to Coca-Cola and asked them if they planned to continue funding campaigns against GMO labeling, they told me that I-522 :

“Would require that tens of thousands of food and beverage products be relabelled exclusively for Washington State. This measure will increase the supermarket bill by several hundred dollars a year. “

The Seattle Times rejected the accusations, saying they were “fake for the most part” and Consumer Unions Consumer Reports refused to believe them.

To summarize, not only has Coca-Cola tried to hide its donations for anti-labeling efforts, but they still hide the reality of GMO labeling to people, using sales of all of their brands to fund their program.

Fortunately, now you know the truth, we can not fool ourselves anymore.

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