Choose the entry that scares you the most to reveal a hidden part of your personality

Five menacing entries stand between you and the secrets of your personality. Each of these entries represents a different type of personality and when you choose the one that scares you the most, it reveals your deepest desires and even some details about your personality. There are five different doors, all sinister one way or another , and when you decide which one scares you the most, it reveals a lot about your subconscious personality.What will your chosen entry say about your personality?

Choose the image that seems the most scary to reveal a hidden and secret part of your subconscious personality.

The first entry …

If you choose this entry as the scariest, then you are probably an affectionate, loving and kind person.You care a lot about your loved ones and others close to you.You fear isolation and you can not stand people who are distant, insignificant or rude. This door scares you the most because the icy exterior and the dark entrance are exactly what you despise – a cold, dark, small, isolated, no-one’s place.

You love and understand and your biggest fear is not to be loved or understood yourself. Your forces mate with your fears as if they were one. You do your best to make others happy because you know what it means to you. You literally treat people as you want to be treated.

The second entrance …

The most scary entrance for you is a dark tunnel whose end you can not see. This indicates a fear of the unknown. Your fear of the unknown stems from a desire for stability and harmony in your life. You can not stand when things are not clear or your situation is unstable .

When you are unsure about your current situation and do not know what the outcome will be, you may become frightened and unsure of yourself. Sometimes you have to find your inner strength and trust yourself when you have moments of doubt like this.Remember there is light at the end of the tunnel, whether we can see it or not.

The third entry …

This dilapidated factory scares you the most because it is a symbol of decay and neglect. Your biggest fear is to be considered careless or disheveled . When you see this entry, you see something that has not been healed and that fills you with negative feelings because you have some expectation of basic decency and obvious negligence, as it goes against everything which is important to you.

You are always trying to improve your life and that of those around you, and this photo embodies the exact opposite.

The fourth entry …

This old cabin scares you the most because it reminds you of a cold and empty house. You are the most hospitable and caring person and you can not bear to see things like that. This building scares you because you know what it could be: a nice little house welcoming to everyone.

However, this cabin is dilapidated and it is obvious that no one has tried to make it more welcoming . You fill your own living space with cute decorations and things that remind you of family, friends and loved ones. You like to have your friends to visit and you are considerate and kind to your guests. This desire to surround you with comfort comes with a price and you agree with that.You are ready to work hard to earn the money you need to make a comfortable home, as it is well worth it for you.

The fifth entry …

This deep well is not necessarily an entry but for you it seems to be a portal to another dimension. You see this picture and you do not know where the bottom of the well is going, but it sticks to your mind.

It scares you and excites you at the same time and it could give you goose bumps . You think it’s scary but you’re also intrigued. You have a desire to explore the unknown and you have a curiosity that could cause trouble.You have an investigative personality and you tend to follow everything until it is concluded.

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