Chile’s solar energy is so abundant that it is distributed free of charge

This was already the case in 2016. For 113 days, between January and April, the Chileans did not pay their electricity. The government hoped that the month of May would set prices again. But the economic situation has not moved an inch. Therefore, this period of 113 days suggests that the record of 192 days of free energy recorded last year should be beaten in 2016.

The problem is that everything is going too fast. Infrastructures have not put in place connection systems between them. Thus, the overproduction of the northern plant can not be transferred to that of the center of the country, despite its needs. Aware of these problems, the government says it will build a transmission line of 3000 kilometers to unite the two networks, but it will certainly wait until 2017.

Washing of photovoltaic panels in India, in GujaratWorkers. The country has invested a lot in this energy. REUTERS / Amit Dave / Files | Amit Dave / Reuters

By then, which is great news for consumers, is less for companies. In particular, those who are engaged in the construction of new solar farms. Banks are more cautious in granting loans, while prices are not yet ready to recover.

Maximo Pacheco is the Minister of Energy of Chile:

“Chile has at least seven or eight points in the lines of transmissions that are no longer reliable or are blocked, it is a huge challenge that awaits us to overcome these constraints. When you embark on the path of growth and development like the one we have known, you can obviously see difficulties emerge. “

So, this country is trying to imagine what all this energy could do for them. The best idea seems to be this subway line project, announced at the end of May, which would run entirely on solar and wind energy by 2018. By then, Chile has an interest in equipping itself with storage batteries …

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