Chile: 10,000 calamari, 330 whales, pelicans, penguins and dolphins found dead on the coast

It would seem that we are in the presence of a strange magnetic phenomenon that would lose the north to multiple marine species. On this alarming idea, precursor or not of an enormous geological movement, the local authorities maintain the mystery, so that from now on, the very worried population decided to share their anxieties.

Alexander Doyle

Aisen, Chile, July 18th.This image broadcast by Sernapesca shows the massive beaching of whales on a beach of the Patagonian coast.

Updated on July 20, 2016:

At least 60 whales were found dead on the southern coast of Chile. The authorities of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service of Chile confirmed Tuesday the discovery of this massive beaching. The Sernapesca has announced a comprehensive investigation to determine the causes of mammalian death. The animals were detected at six hours’ sailing from Puerto Chacabuco, in the Aisen region. Their size suggests that they are not of the same species (Sei) as that of the more than 330 whales found in a fjord very difficult to access in 2015.

“They are smaller than last time,” said Sernapesca director José Miguel Burgos, referring to “60 to 70 specimens in a more accessible place” that will allow their inspection in the coming days. Their death would have occurred more than two months ago, according to the authorities. The corpses being “always whole”, José Miguel Burgos Burgos said he was “optimistic about the possibility of performing autopsies and the taking of sufficient evidence” to determine which hypotheses to pursue. “We must first determine whether there has been human intervention or not,” if the causes “are attributable to the man,” he added.

During the previous discovery in 2015, the weakness of the evidence obtained, due to the antiquity of the remains at the time of their discovery, made it difficult to determine the exact cause of their death. The presence of biotoxins (substances produced by algae) remains the most likely reason. The Chilean coast has been the scene of alarming episodes in recent months, with the death of thousands of salmon, sardines and machas, a shell typical of the region, in addition to the stranding of whales. Some scientists link these events to the El Niño climatic phenomenon, which warms the sea and causes a multiplication of algae.

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