Children from Haiti aged 4 to 10 sold as sex slaves

These are overwhelming evidence for the UN, after revelations of sexual abuse cases by soldiers of the French army, in Central Africa several witnesses, many of whom are former employees of the International Organization, claim that peacekeepers have raped but also resorted to child prostitution, especially in Haiti!

The testimony of Celhia De Lavarène, a former UN official in Bosnia, Liberia, the DRC and Haiti, claims that UN soldiers repeatedly abused children. In its countries in crisis the practice would be common, even systematic!

In his testimony, the former official says that he was asked (his organization) to go to Haiti to open a reception center for children between 4 and 10 years, children who are either kidnapped or falsely adopted to serve as sex slaves, many of whom had been abused by Minustah soldiers (United Nations Mission in Haiti). According to her, at the UN all officials are informed of these practices and yet no sanction is taken against soldiers from different countries who are guilty of these heinous acts. To believe that the UN practice the law of neither seen nor known!

At 0:19, she talks about the case of Haiti

She says that she was asked (at her organization) to go to the country to open a reception center for children between 4 and 10 years old, children who are either kidnapped or falsely adopted to serve as slaves sex.

She says: “… and many users are UN members … I know it and the UN knows it too. “

Looking at this rather atrocious video, I now understand how derogatory my denunciations of Mr. Abassi’s pedo-pornographic photos of very young Haitian children and sometimes naked babies or in bare clothes.

Disturbances because the traffic is known and even, as the interlocutor says in the video covered by the UN.

Moreover, as seen in the case of Kosovo, those who denounce these crimes, in this case two UN policewomen, were murdered.

What must be seen in this silence of the United Nations and Haitian society is that it is within the realm of the possible that apart from small pimps, important figures in local political, intellectual and economic life , may be involved either as traffickers or as users.

How many brothels for children in Port-au-Prince?

Hard to say because the law of silence is applied to all. Not to mention the corruption network that reaches the heights of the Haitian state and members of the UN, includes so many people that we can not touch any link in the chain, as small as it is and that it must shoot down those who risk putting a grain of sand in the machine of corruption.

In Haiti, people tried to lift the veil on these practices, but they paid with their lives, this is the case of the murdered and imprisoned Joseph Joseph in Canada – after a mock autopsy.

The case is far from being buried despite threats, Celhia De Lavarène continues to fight the sexual exploitation of minors around the world. In 2006 she published a book “A Visa For Hell”, the former official continues to fight through its association “STOP TRAFFICKING OF PEOPLE”.

This is how Mr Boulos was able to state that an audit on the management of Lamothe would risk exploding the country.

And the worst is that he probably says true. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Rape of Children committed by UN Members tracks Video at 6.40:

This explains the lawsuit of Sonson La Familia and his associate. Sonson La Familia was not allowed to speak, otherwise he risked by swaying names, to do as Mr. Boulos says explode the Haitian society.

And also, is placed in the same reality the current rush to immunity- and therefore impunity.

The exorbitant number of candidates is a lure, a windmill, to allow the election of those who must be necessarily, not only to park justice but to ensure the continuity of legal banditry that makes millionaires in a sector of the population.

While these people are assured of impunity for their close links with local and even global corruption networks (tax loopholes, money laundering), there is no never assured of a bad blow of the lot -as seen with C. Brandt. Hence the importance of placing oneself under the umbrella of the Chambers.

Which does not mean that the system would not hesitate, for its survival, to find some heads of lamps to sacrifice if necessary.

The proven sale of Haitian children aged 4 to 10 as sex slaves is one of the components of this system organized in Haiti to protect predators.

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