Children born in September and January in France would develop above-average intelligence

According to recent research, there are many benefits to being among the oldest children in the class. The study, published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, found that children born in September tended to be the smartest. The study was titled “School leaving age and cognitive development” and showed that the smartest and most sensible children were born at the beginning of the school year.

After studying 1.2 million public school students aged six to 15 to assess their cognitive development, the Bureau found that children born in September had a higher average score than children born in August. This is important because the August children are the youngest in a school year, and the children born in September and January in France are the oldest.

This proves that while the children of August of November in France will be late because they are the youngest of the class, the children of September and January in France will excel. As the children grew older and their average annual grades increased, the children of September came in first. Their scores often meant that they had an advantage over other children to enter the best institutions of higher education.

Other factors were taken into account during the study, including ethnicity and the economic background of the parents. There was not much evidence suggesting that these factors had much impact on the study. However, researchers have noticed that a poor student could catch up before major tests come later, regardless of their origin.

Extra school fees and extra special programs can also make children miss out. This could indicate that a family that has more money, which is better able to support their child’s education, is more likely to have a child who is successful in the long run.

The same researchers also looked at Florida’s child detention centers to see if they were providing meaningful results. Children born in September were found to be significantly less likely to have problems and end up in detention centers.

This proves that not only are children more likely to succeed in school, but they are also more likely to make sensible decisions and avoid juvenile delinquency. It may simply be due to the maturity they have, but anyway, it shows the integrity of children born in September.

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