Cheese would be as addictive as some hard drugs.

I do not know you, mas me, in any case, I would probably be able to feed only on that! From the picodon of Ardèche to the creamy blue of Auvergne, from the Alsatian munster to the tomme of the mountain, from the county to the maroilles passing by the mellow coulommiers, and these little goats that one finds in Provence, hard as stones and dry like the land of the scrubland …

You’ll forgive me if I forget, there are more than 1,600 different varieties, just in France. Ewe, cow or goat, strong or sweet, long-refined or not, I love them all, without exception.

But here it is: it drives you crazy, it’s a hard drug. And it’s not just a way of speaking!

If you are addicted to cheese, if you can not help but eat it, if when you take a slice of Camembert you end up falling half of the box, know that your addiction can, in fact, be explained so quite scientific …

Friends junkies dairy products, you are not alone: a growing number of scientific research is interested in this particular form of dependence …

Cutting a parmesan block

He is “the crack of dairy products”

According to Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and chairman of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, he is “the crack of dairy products” . It may seem a little exaggerated to say like that, but let’s look at what happens in your body when you digest cheese. You will see that in the end, the comparison is far from completely displaced!

It happens, in fact, that the cheese acts a little in the same way as cocaine on our brain.

The culprit is casein, a naturally occurring protein found in milk, which becomes extremely concentrated during the process of making cheese. And when you greedily eat a piece of creamy camembert, your body has to break that complex protein by cutting it into small pieces.

Except that instead of completely absorbing it, your digestive system cuts it into small chains of amino acids, casomorphine. And if the name of this acid reminds you of morphine, know that it is not a coincidence!

According to Dr. Barnard: “These protein fragments can attach to the opiate receptors in your brain. As the name suggests, casomorphine is a derivative of morphine, derived from casein protein. “

Here. It contains morphine, the famous active substance present in opium; Morphine is an opiate, heroin is an opiate, so gruyère is coke.

Except that in fact, no, this is clearly not the case. Whole lives are not completely ruined because of excessive cheese consumption. Nobody finds himself forced to sell his house for a few grams of grated parmesan cheese. In any case, not to our knowledge. But then, what’s really going on?

Parmesan, this scourge of lives

The human brain is suitable for cheese

In fact, if you are not completely perched when you eat a slice of Boursin, it’s simply because … your brain is adapted, it is designed for cheese.

It turns out that the complex brain of humans has evolved to really like, really much fat, and even more fat mixed with salt. High-calorie and fat-rich substances are extremely useful for a hunter-gatherer individual who is always looking for efficient sources of energy.

In cheese, we have a huge concentration of fat and salt, which our brains have learned to love over evolution, and continue to love today.

Clearly, it is not your fault if you have excessive consumption of cheese, but it is also not worth it to panic and run associations of cheesegoers anonymous.

That said, if the cheese will not turn you into a walking zombie with destroyed teeth and shaking hands, you can still get cholesterol with it.

Yes, do not overdo it: cheese, like all fatty and salty products, can cause some health problems if you consume in excess. The best is still to moderate and eat balanced!

Good after, you can crack like everyone else. And if we look down on you at a family meal because you have swallowed the whole cheese board all by yourself, now you know what to say:

It’s not your fault, you’re sick. You suffer from an uncontrollable addiction to cheese, so a little compassion, finally!

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