Cat purrs have excellent healing power over humans

Unfortunately, I never had a cat … my mother never tolerated it when I was a child and when I became an adult, it simply did not fit my nomadic lifestyle. But the time has come: it will be the year of the cat for me.

Why do I want a cat?

Because cats are the best pets to have! Here’s why:

Cats are autonomous. You do not need to take them out for walks as you need to do with dogs.

  • They are independent. They even wash themselves.
  • They are full of love. And cats do not like you just because you are “their human”, but because they love you too for YOU.
  • They are smart and have a lot of personality.
  • They are adorable.

What’s even more interesting is that cats have healing powers – or rather, their purring.

I am not the first in history to love cats. In fact, the strong bond between cats and humans goes back as far as history can remember.

The oldest remains of a young wild cat buried with a human were found in Cyprus. The remains are about 9500 years old. [1]

In ancient Egypt, cats were loved and worshiped. Their goddess of war and protection, Bastet, is a cat-headed woman. Beyond Egypt, cats were loved around the world in many cultures. [2]

Chinese farmers worshiped Li-Shou, the Chinese god of cats, to protect their crops against mice and rats. The god of the Polish cat, Ovinnik, was supposed to drive out evil spirits. Ai-apaec was the name of the god of the Peruvian cat. Ceridwen, a Welsh goddess, was followed by white cats to help her in the human world. [2]

The curative power of cat purring

A recent study found that cats’ whining was medically therapeutic when they were between 25 and 150 Hz. [3] People who own cats also appear to suffer less from health problems, sleep better and are 40% less likely to have a heart attack simply because cats help their “human” to relax. [4]

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