Cardboard casket: ecological and economical eco-responsible!

What good is buying a wooden model when you know they are destined to disappear underground? Fortunately, there is an alternative offering a good solution: cardboard, which is gradually making its way into the minds.

“556,000 people died in France last year and it takes 80 years old oak to make 5 coffins! Stop this massacre! Said Martine Saussol, creator of the concept of eco-cerc honeycombed coffins, interviewed by Le Monde. This huge mess probably explains the resurgence of artificial wood and recycled and biodegradable materials in funeral catalogs across the territory.

They may be made of cardboard, these new generation coffins meet the same characteristics as solid wood, especially in terms of cremation. So “instead of burning a tree, burn cardboard coffins” exclaims the eco-entrepreneur. The latter, assembled with soybean glue, have been fully approved. To discover its complete offer, go here.

The problem is that the word “cardboard” is scary. But as explained Philippe Martineau, general manager of the Funeral Choice (second network of Funeral Homes in France, ed) “the term cardboard must however be nuanced. This is a term too generic, which is generally considered to be for food use. He told Le Monde.


Indeed, by cardboard, one must understand cellulose, wood particles or recycled paper fibers. Thus, as he says “we no longer speak systematically of wood but of materials that must have resistance to fire and pressure”.

Another advantage of the cardboard casket is its cost. On average, these new models are priced at 350 euros, against 500 for traditional coffins. A low cost that often suggests a lack of quality. This being said, ecological convictions are obviously not the only ones to be taken into account for such a decision.

Here again, Philippe Martineau argues that for many families “the choice of noble essences, and especially the oak, shows respect for the deceased. “

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The star of the collection (and the most successful) is the Purity model: “A white cardboard coffin, designed to receive the words of relatives of the deceased. A good initiative according to Philippe Martineau who confides that “the need to express oneself is part of the work of mourning, it is a facilitating element. »>

And he added: “But we can not write everything on a coffin, not to mention that all the places of worship will not assume to host a graffiti coffin! “


In 2015, demand for cardboard coffin was rare. But according to the forecasts of the professionals, it should rise to more than 5% of market share within the next five years. An evolution that should delight lovers of nature.

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