“Cannabis is the only thing that relieves my illness” says Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman was invited by the Daily Beast to, in May for the promotion of his latest film, 5 Flights Up , by Richard Loncraine. He gave his point of view on the use of marijuana.

Morgan Freeman is 77 years old, and a schedule of well-loaded cinema releases. Oscared in 2005 for his role in Million dollar baby , he has since chained the filming: a dozen nothing since 2013 that should occupy it again until next year.

However, for several years, the actor has to do with an evil that eats away at him and exhausts him: a fibromyalgia. This disease is similar to polyrumathisms and involves in addition to chronic physical and psychological fatigue, permanent diffuse pain.

And that’s not all, in 2008, Morgan Freeman survived a serious road accident that still earns him today re-education sessions to regain the mobility, strength and sensitivity of his shoulder, his arm and his left elbow.

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To cope with this permanent suffering, the comedian has only one solution: cannabis. “I eat it, I drink it, I smoke it, I sniff it! (…) It’s the only thing that makes me feel better. “This raises the question of his opinion about the legalization of marijuana. While it’s hard not to be empathic about his case, Morgan Freeman’s arguments open up new perspectives: “We’re talking about children with epileptic seizures, soothed by marijuana, and can to return to a normal life. I’m entitled to it too. “

It is thanks to his first wife, Jeanette, that the actor discovered cannabis in the 1970s, today, he rebels against the judgment to which consumers are entitled: “Are you told ‘you smoke?

Dude, you’re addicted! ‘ “. However, he assures that marijuana is what allows him to hold, and forms a semblance of hope by highlighting the evolution of manners: “Now, people have understood that alcohol has no medical effect, Maybe a drink can calm down, but after two or three it’s worse. “, which he says is different with cannabis.

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