Canada wins first place in country offering the best quality of life

If many people highlight the cultural wealth and the professional opportunities present on site, the territory also charms for its exceptional sweetness of life. In 2017, Canada is also the first in the world ranking of countries with the best quality of life!

The poll, conducted by US News in partnership with Y & R’s BAV and Wharton Institute, was aimed at separating 80 countries. These were rated according to their attributes via nine categories: Adventure, Citizenship, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Hospitality, Career Opportunities, Power and Quality of Life.

If Canada is ranked well in all areas (it has been also voted the second best country in the world for 2017, ed), it is above all its extraordinary sweetness of life that stands out. A criterion that refers to an affordable cost of living, little insecurity, equal pay, a good health system, a recognized education, etc.

Hudson bay, Canada

A plebiscite obtained thanks to the Internet and to many voters who decided to give their voice to Canada. With this well-deserved first place, the country should still attract more tourists and people looking for something new or better. In any case, if you had the idea to go there, that is likely to comfort you in your choice of destination. A piece of advice, go ahead, you will not be disappointed.

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