But why did not we understand anything about “illness”? – The naturopath’s gaze –

We think of it as the cause of our pain and our distance to health. At least, that’s what we’ve always been told. Moreover, in the faculties of medicine, it has been understood so well, that we no longer teach future therapists to “cure” by seeking the causes of imbalances, but by seeking to eliminate the “symptoms” of an illness. elimination, from a degenerative state or dysfunction, to silence by a chemical medication.

Yet the one who is considered the father of our medicine, Hippocrates, did not he just said “if you’re sick, first look what you did to become one.” Understand here, that we must not seek to heal ourselves before understanding the phenomena that have caused the evil that is alive in our body; To reduce or inhibit a symptom without looking for the causes is like wanting to remove the nauseating smell of a trash without removing its detritus. You may try it, it will not work for long.

Well for the disease it’s the same thing and you’ll get rid of the symptoms that your body expresses, it will always seek to eliminate what causes them by another way out.

But what is the disease?

The holistic vision:

Firstly, there are no diseases but an illness, ie a state of disequilibrium of the body which causes, according to the constitution, heredity or hygiene of life, symptoms that will arise here and there, and of varying intensities.

What we call flu, pharyngitis, bronchitis, otitis, diarrhea and other complements (…), the list is very long, are only the symptomatic expressions of a fouled body that seeks to clean itself.

“Fouling” is the sum of the overloads present in the body and which have two origins:

– The toxins that are the result of our metabolism (cell activity, digestion …).

– Toxics that come from chemical pollution (pesticides, flavor enhancers, sweeteners …) in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other drugs or synthetic products …

Once the body is overloaded with these wastes, it will always seek to eliminate them and this will cause ENT problems, or the digestive, cutaneous, or other systems, with rapid elimination and often accompanied by fever, mucous (… )

These symptoms are those of a slightly clogged body that still has sufficient energy that allows this rapid elimination, and sometimes violent. They are found mainly in children.

It is pile hair in these acute pathologies that plays the return to health:

– Either we will go in the direction of elimination of the body by accompanying the symptoms by rest, a healthy diet, herbal teas, poultices or other natural crutches.

– Or we will block the release of waste by a chemical medication “anti-symptomatic” (antiobiotic for example) that will go block elimination.

In the first case, the body will have been allowed to get rid of these bins, which will allow it to function as correctly as possible, always according to the constitution, inheritance and hygiene of life.

On the other hand if one has blocked the exit of the waste, the bins will continue to overflow, and worse, the fouling will be more important because the body will not manage to eliminate all the chemical compounds present within the drugs used.

But why did not we understand anything about “illness”? – The naturopath’s gaze –

As an explanation:

Dr. Vivini in the 80’s used ozone therapy to relieve his patients. He collected the sweat from the ozone baths for analysis and was shocked to discover drug residues that, for the most part, had been taken more than 10 years ago; These same chemical residues that have been found in some tumors.

Systematic medication will lead to future discharges and the repetition of this practice of symptom inhibition will eventually cause the body to become exhausted by an increasing burden of waste that has not been eliminated. It is at this point that the so-called chronic diseases appear.

Chronicity in the frequency of a symptom is neither more nor less the will of the body to purge itself of these poisons.

And then comes the moment when acute crises will begin to be more discreet. I often hear people say “I’m in great shape, I’m never sick” … In fact the body is now too congested and does not have enough energy to allow a quick and effective elimination. If you live in the city, in an atmosphere, all in all, relatively polluted, that you drink the tap water that is treated, that you eat refined and processed products, that you do little sport and that you are rarely or never sick and that the attacks are not violent, then your immune system is weakened.

It is here that will develop allergies, migraines, tonsillitis, constipation and minor digestive problems, or acne, hormonal disorders, inflammations, diabetes and cholesterol, osteoarthritis, arthritis, renal, pancreatic or hepatobiliary lithiasis … all of which express organ dysfunctions that have become too fouled to properly perform their functions.

And if the practice of a chemical medication is still used, the body will continue to store more and more waste, which will insidiously lead to the degeneration of tissue and what is called depending on the symptoms: autoimmune diseases, cancers, tumors, parkinson, alzheimer …

It should not be thought that only people who are overweight are sensitive to these conditions. The “meager” are often very intoxicated and can no longer properly assimilate the food they eat, and if they do not gain weight, they will store the poisons directly in the moods.

The disease is not a monstrous entity that seeks to hurt us, it is a will of the body that seeks to cleanse itself for the benefit of our health.

However this saving process will be more and more painful and disabling as the body becomes overloaded. And, of course, the diseases of higher stages like cancer (and which again is only there to help the body cleanse itself: you can literally compare a tumor to a garbage truck that can not exist without the presence detritus) are fears because they cause even more malaise, this time causing cell death.

We can only note the logical continuation of the evolution of pathologies related to the advancement of age, and it has been commonly accepted that the older we get, the more disabling symptoms we will present. But this is not true, the evolution of diseases is only possible by a growing accumulation of waste.

It is time to take back your health and understand that it does not depend on luck or bad luck to catch a particular “disease”, or that it is family, hereditary. No no, our lifestyle will have a say …

Find out about recent advances in epigenetics, or studies that show the health of groups of children with and without immunizations. Look at studies that demonstrate the links between natural food and health and where our refined diet is the mother of our suffering. Read the diagnostics that have been established between cancers and refined sugars. Discover the side effects of the most harmless drugs like doliprane.

Observe your parents and grandparents, who at each meal take medication. Do you notice that the longer the years go by the more drugs are there and do you really think that it is natural? Normal? Will they get better and better, depending on the time, autonomy and well-being?

are you starting to understand?

Hippocrates told these disciples “that your food is your only medicine,” and here he explained in the simplest way, if you want to be in good health, nourish your body properly, in short if you feed your plant with cocaine. cola, do not expect to see it flourish. It will collapse and eventually die.

So start taking your destiny in hand, allopathic medicine is recent and has nothing to envy to the natural practices that have been there since the dawn of time.

Ps: I do not criticize the emergency medicine that saves thousands of lives a day but the way of thinking and thinking that pushes doctors to block the vital processes of the human body by inhibiting symptoms.

Author – The look of naturopath -: Adrien Ruet


Student in naturopathy school, I did not arrive by chance in the world of natural medicine. Around my 23 years my body “fell”. I literally had no energy, and this was characterized by many physical symptoms at the key … In short I was bad. Pain, when it is omnipresent, forces you to reconsider your priorities. And so after graduating from a business school, I went to naturopathy to try to understand what was going on. At the same time, I totally cut short with the professionals of our current medicine and their chemical treatments. Quickly I saw things improve until the decrease in symptoms associated with me, and finally their disappearance. I decided to open Just NATURO to the public to allow those who suffer, or who want to understand the functioning of their health, to have access to this world of ancestral techniques.

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