Brown sugar Vs White sugar, Which is the best for your health?

The roux is considered more nutritious, but is it a reality? The raw sugar extracted from the cane is brown because of the molasses. Industrial transformations eliminate molasses to obtain a white. So it’s the difference in color and taste and texture between the two: molasses. It is also the molasses which gives to the roux that wet, chunky side whereas the white sugar is crystallized and granular.

Which one to choose?

What is the difference between white, russet, brown sugar and the whole? Which one should I choose?

But by the way, what is sugar?

White sugar

White comes from cane, sugar beet or sugar palm. It is 99% sucrose, a molecule that contains glucose and fructose. Its glycemic index is quite high (IG 70). Yet white sugar has no nutritional benefit. This is due to its refinement, which lacks minerals and vitamins contained in molasses. So it only brings calories. However, it is used to benefit from its high sweetness. However, it is important to limit its consumption, as white sugar promotes cavities, diabetes and weight gain.

The brown sugar (or brown sugar)

Roux, being slightly less refined than white, contains more nutrients. This quantity remains tiny, and can be negligible for our body. The main difference between red and white sugar lies in the taste. The roux has a flavor reminiscent of caramel (that of beet) or cinnamon (that of the cane).

The complete sugar

Whole or complete sugar is neither crystallized nor refined. It is essentially made up of sucrose, with nearly 95%. Unlike white and red sugars, it provides nutrients: vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Only downside, his power is less sweet. Full sugar can be found in specialty stores and organic shops under the names mascobado and Rapadura.

Comparison of nutritional characteristics:

It is believed that red sugar is better than white sugar. On the nutritional level there is no difference. The white sugar contains 99.9 sucrose, the brown is 97% the rest being water at 2%. A spoon of white sugar is 19kcal, and 17kcal for brown. Due to the presence of molasses the brown sugar brings calcium iron potassium and magnesium but the quantities are too small to be significant.

The choice is really a matter of preference because in terms of health and nutrition they are really the same!

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