Binaural sounds. Change your brain frequencies and reshape your mental and physical state

Its binaural explanation: a specific mono sound is broadcast in one ear – for example a noise at 333 Hz – and this same sound is simultaneously broadcast in the other ear but this time at 343 Hz. The brain then processes the 2 sounds and the mixture thus creating a third

The theory of binaural beat (or binaural sound) or binaural sounds is based on this method.

“Two sounds of neighboring frequency combine in a free field to give a more complex sound whose amplitude varies at the rate corresponding to their difference in frequencies. This phenomenon is also perceived if each of the two sounds is addressed to only one of the two ears: it is then our nervous system which combines them to realize the beat! A sound is addressed to one ear and a frequency sound slightly shifted to the other. “

Binaural sounds are unique sounds, recorded in such a way that they automatically change the listener’s brain frequencies.

Thanks to a technology that has been named after Dr. Gerald Oster’s research papers , “Auditory Beats in the Brain”

Binaural sounds can reshape the mental and physical state of the listener.

The brain waves of the listener resonate at the same frequency as these sounds.

By using these sounds, it is now possible for anyone to enter these meditative state phases in a matter of minutes like Zen Buddhist monks.

How do they work?

For this you have to relax, put your headphones stereo and let your brain synchronize with the frequency of the binaural beat to be able to observe measurable changes both in your mind and in your body.

Books on binaural sounds

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Mental control techniques

The brain locks on the beat frequency, and this is called the binaural beat.

Guide to Lucid Dreams: Take Control of Your Dreams – Page 76

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With the help of meditation, relaxation or concentration, a person is able to change his or her brain rhythm, go from one … The binaural beat or its binaural (binaural beats in English) is a very particular sound effect.

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