Between 30 and 75 liters of urine in the pools of public pools

Swimmers in public pools would not hesitate to pee in the water, to the point that pools pools contain between 30 and 75 liters of urine. However, given the total volume concerned, this amounted to only about 0.01% of the bathing water.

The situation remains alarming, in terms of hygiene and health. This is the conclusion reached by scientists in a study published recently in Environmental Science and Technology Letters.

Acesulfame potassium sought

The experts analyzed the water in the pools of several public pools in Canada by looking for acesulfame potassium (ACE), a sweetener that the body can not assimilate and that remains in the urine.

Scientists then compared the levels detected with those of tap water, where the substance is also present but in concentrations ten times lower.

Jacuzzis also concerned

Another field analyzed by researchers, always with our Canadian friends: the Jacuzzis.

Although the analyzes took place over a shorter period, they nevertheless revealed a disturbing trend, since ACE levels were found to be up to 571 times higher than in tap water.

A disturbing finding, as the combination of urine and chemicals in swimming pool water, including chlorine, can be harmful.

It could indeed generate toxic molecules potentially dangerous for the lungs, the nervous system or the heart.

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