Australia ends cosmetics tests on animals.

This is a big step forward in the fight against cosmetic tests on animals: Australia and Korea have adopted a bill in favor of the ban on cosmetic testing on animals, both in favor of finished products and for the ingredients. The law is expected to come into effect by 2018 for Korea. For Europe, and New Zealand, which will also adopt a law on the status of animals, from July 2017, cosmetics testing will no longer be performed on animals.

We very much welcome this important step forward and we are grateful to the members of the National Assembly who helped us to speak on this subject. We now urge that this decision be implemented as soon as possible so that the complete ban can be achieved as soon as possible, bringing Korea to the level of Europe and India, “said Michelle Thew, Director. General Cruelty Free International. ” We hope this decision will be echoed in other Asian countries where we are active. She added.

Indeed, often pointed out, China is working on the subject. The other great power, the USA have meanwhile a bill signed by more than 140 companies. So there is still room for improvement.

Cosmetics tests

For Australia, animal rights activists have welcomed the federal government’s plans to ban cosmetic testing on animals. As implausible as it may seem, animals are not recognized everywhere as living beings.

If in Europe the cosmetics tests on animals are no longer allowed since 2013. Australia has just aligned itself with the old continent. Strict laws will apply only to new products. As a result, as of July, thousands of products will disappear from the shelves.

Major brands such as Colgate or Esthée Lauder are involved in animal testing on more than 27,000 animals indicates the RSCPA (Royal Society for Combating Cruelty to Animals). These brands will have to change their habits in order to comply with the law. From sunscreen to baby products, the law covers a range of cosmetics. Nevertheless, this decision will not affect the sale of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

“We recognize that animal testing is essential in certain scientific contexts such as the development of new drugs, but we want to make sure that this possibility is only used in ethically justified circumstances,” said Key Wyatt, Deputy Minister of Health and Health. seniors.

After the EU, India, Israel, or New Zealand, these bans are now in place in more and more countries around the world. For Australia, it took a two-year fight by animal welfare groups such as Human Research Australia and Health to finally pass the law. Currently, legislation is in place in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, China and Russia. Let’s hope that animals will soon have to endure human cruelty in favor of cosmetics …

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