At only 23, she has been traveling for 11 months and spent only 320 euros in eight months

It is not mandatory to have many ways to travel. The proof, Sarah Gysler, a Swiss girl of 23, left on December 8, 2016 from her native country, she traveled more than 12,000 kilometers with only 320 euros.

With all these tattoos, including one using bamboo in a Philippine tribe, Sarah is far removed from the archetype of current influencers.

At 23, she had already covered nearly 12,000 kilometers in eight months, all while spending only 320 euros. And his journey continues.

This swept adventurer is Sarah Gysler, a native of the region of Lausanne (Switzerland), who has launched since last December 8 in a round the world without money. An experience she describes as “abandonment par excellence” and she shares with more than 30,000 Internet users around the world.

From Europe to the Philippines to Latin America, she lives her dream of discovering the world. A human adventure that she tells daily through her blog “The swept adventurer” Thus, she hopes to inspire some to leave and never give up their dreams. “I would like my journey and my testimony to motivate, inspire, or at least comfort other people,” she said in an interview with Le Figaro.

And contrary to the trend of travelers who necessarily become influencers through social networks, it is not at all in this race there.

At only 23 years old, she has been traveling for 11 months

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We can even say that with her tattoos, her hair and her bag, Sarah is downright opposite to the stereotypes of the style of account that abound on Instagram. Besides, she has neither smartphone nor Instagram account. To communicate, she only uses a Facebook page and a website that she updates at her own pace, when the urge to write takes her. For example, he does not post anything for several months. But whether it is the advice, explanations or anecdotes she mentions, everything comes from the heart.

Photo credit: The swept adventurer

His idea is simple: go into the unknown and live from day to day. “May I not rather offer myself the luxury of slowness, of the unknown, and of surprise? I make the choice of non-itinerary “she explains to our colleagues at Le Figaro. His adage is to meet the locals, and avoid tour guides.

She adds, “They tell us where to look and they are all driving us supposedly off the beaten path. But I prefer to trust the locals. An easy opportunity for her thanks to the time she has.

At only 23 years old, she has been traveling for 11 months

Photo credit: The swept adventurer

Her fantastic journey began 11 months ago when she left the family home where she grew up. First step, Gibraltar, where she met a couple of Australians who wants to embark on his boat to cross the Atlantic. She has no money at all, does not speak Spanish, but still manages to find something to make her travel to the West Indies! A first victory that will put a balm in his heart and make him want to repeat the experience.

Photo credit: The swept adventurer

She intends to continue to enjoy this lifestyle she has always dreamed of. At 23, she has life in front of her and projects full head. If, one day, she would like to transmit her passion for alternative travel, off the beaten track, she did not plan to return to her native Switzerland right away.

Source : The M/V John Paul DeJoria .

Today she made this decision:

I need a break. After a long thought, many headaches and doubts, I decided to go home for the holidays. I’ve been thinking about it for a little while, feeling the tiredness settling down, seeing my passion and attention diminish. I always said that this world tour was neither a challenge nor a challenge, but a quest. And it’s as if for a few weeks, I could not find anything … So, here I go.

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