At just 15, she invents a sleeping bag that could save the homeless!

This teenager from Ireland has just invented an innovative sleeping bag for people who have no choice but to sleep on the street. This invention could also allow the creation of many jobs but especially to save lives.

This is after spending a hard day on the streets of Dublin Emily Duffy , had the idea of a new generation sleeping bag.

When she worked with a homelessness association, she came up with the idea of ​​that bag, because that was where she understood the difficulties that homeless people had at home. keep their plastic bags, cartons and other blankets dry and in good condition in case of rain. Touched by the precarious situation of the people she met, this girl decided not to sit back and take action.

Emily, a young student at Desmond College, therefore thought and developed the “Duffily Bags”, made of a reflective surface to light, a flameproof and waterproof material. What hope to improve the difficult living conditions of all those who sleep on the streets. Similarly, the girl has also thought of the practical side by adding large scratches to close the sleeping bag. Its bag also offers an integrated cushion, as you can see in the photo.

Recently, Emily Duffy, a new celebrity in Ireland, presented her now famous invention at the prestigious BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, a kind of Lépine competition for young talents from all over the country.


In front of such a great idea that useful, the Irish authorities immediately decided to put in circulation these sleeping bags. But before distributing them, you have to … make them. Here too, the solution has been found, reaching out to those who are in misery.

Indeed, thanks to the mediatization and donations of the Irish people, former homeless people looking for work have been hired by the Mendicity Institution to make the Duffily Bags, for a salary of 9.23 euros per year. ‘hour. Thus, the first bags have already been distributed in Dublin, and every city in the country should receive it soon.


The wonderful project of a girl of 15 years will have helped to move things and probably change many lives. Like what, when one believes in his capacities and one is animated by the will to help, everything is possible!

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