Art helps to heal the body, the mind and the heart

There are so many reasons to love art. “Art is life, and life is art,” some say. Art encompasses everything from drawing to painting, from dance to writing, from music to theater, and more. It attracts our sense of pleasure and our life. Another advantage to art? It helps to heal our heart and keep our brain healthy.

Do you remember when you were a kid, and there were no cell phones? You spent your time playing and creating games and you lost the notion of time until sunset.

This is largely thanks to our inherent creativity. Unfortunately, with money problems, delays, schedules … life, adults have much more difficult to switch to creative mode. That’s why exploring art, like painting, dancing or music, can have immeasurable benefits for our mental health and can actually heal our heart.

Here are the main ways to integrate art into your life to help you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Art helps to heal the body, the mind and the heart:

1. Improves memory

A study published in the Journal of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows that people who learned to play a musical instrument as children seem to have less decline in brain function as they get older. In addition, patients who have Alzheimer’s are often asked to draw and paint to help boost their memory.

2. It relieves stress

We know that exercise and meditation can significantly reduce stress. But what about creating something? Creating art offers a distraction, which allows your brain to disconnect from your usual thoughts.

The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, and 95% of them are exactly the same each day! When you are totally immersed in a creative art, you can find yourself in “the zone” or in “flow”. When this happens, all these thoughts disappear. You literally give your brain a break, like meditation.

3. It creates more empathy and feelings of love

Art triggers a dopamine surge in the same area of ​​the brain that records romantic love. Once again, he activates this center of pleasure in the brain.

In addition, a study of more than 10,000 students found that a one-hour trip to an art museum changed the way they thought and felt. The data show that the course has increased students’ critical thinking skills and their empathy and tolerance towards people.

4. Art helps to heal

Whether physical or mental, art heals. For those who have pain or chronic illness, it can be difficult to put words on thoughts and emotions unless you are an experienced writer. Thus, openness to different forms of expression, such as music, painting or dance, gives you the opportunity to express how you feel. It is also a way to connect to yourself at a deeper level, to discover old wounds and finally to heal them.

From a physical point of view, art is particularly curative for mental disorders. A study by Berkley shows that when art inspires a sense of fear, it creates a lower level of particular chemicals in the brain, known as cytokines, which correlates with lower levels of depression. Cytokines are also needed to heal trauma and physical conditions, such as diseases and infections.

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