Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised everyone with his message on Facebook

Everyone knows, Arnold is very nervous in the cinema as in politics. On climate change, the actor has his own ideas. Tired of reading the worst nonsense climate-skeptics, here is the message he left on his facebook page.

“I do not give a damn if we agree [or not] on climate change!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his message with this title to express his anger towards all those who oppose actions in favor of the climate. While Americans remain largely unmoved by the problem of climate change, some people and states take this problem very seriously, wanting to promote the post-fossil transition.Arnold Schwarzenegger has invested heavily in the ecological transition of his state, which has not been spared extreme drought. Engaged in various ecological causes, he is also part of the support to Chef Raoni among others in the fight against the dam of Belo Monte.

Nevertheless, as soon as it dares to defend renewable energies or to question the way of life that relies on oil, it is constantly attacked, calling into question the reality of climate change, the ecological impact of man or the need for renewable energy. Discordant voices that align with oil lobbies that largely pay the climate-skepticism (2% of the scientific community) in a spirit of conservation of the oil era. With more than 120,000+ shares and 7,000 comments, loved by Mark Zuckerberg himself, his message seems to have traveled the world. This is what he says in his message:

Cover image facebook Arnold Schwarzenegger (Dec.2015)

I see your questions. Whenever I post on my Facebook page or tweet a word about my crusade for a clean energy future, I see them. There is always a minority of you wondering why we should be worried about rising temperatures, or questioning climate science.

I want you to know that I hear you. Even those who say that renewable energy is a conspiracy. Even those who say that climate change is a deception. Even those who use these 4-letter words [insults] .

I have heard all your questions and now I have three questions for you.

Let’s put climate change aside for a minute. In fact, let’s admit you’re right.

First – Do you believe it is acceptable that 7 million people die each year from pollution? That’s more than murder, suicides and car accidents combined. Every day, 19,000 people die from fossil fuel pollution. Do you accept these dead? Do you accept that children around the world can grow up breathing through inhalers?

Now my second question: do you believe that coal and oil are the fuels of the future?

Beyond the fact that fossil fuels destroy our lungs, everyone agrees that they will run out. What is your solution?

Personally, I want a strategy. I do not want to be like the last seller of horses and carriages when cars hit the road. I do not want to be the last investor in Blockbuster (DVD / VHS rental) when Netflix appeared. That’s exactly what will happen for fossil fuels.

A clean energy future is a smart investment and anyone who tells you the opposite is either wrong or liars. In any case, I will not listen to their investment advice. Renewable energies are great for the economy and you do not have to take my word for it. California has some of the most revolutionary environmental laws in the US. We receive 40% of our energy from renewable sources and we have 40% higher energy efficiency than in the rest of the country. We have been early in adopting a clean energy future.

Our economy has not suffered. In fact, the economy in California is growing faster than the economy of the country. We are the nation’s leaders in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, entertainment, high technology, biotechnology, and, of course, green technology.

I have one last question, and it requires some imagination.

There are two doors. Behind door number 1, there is a padded room, with a traditional gas car. Behind the door number 2, there is an identical piece, padded, with an electric car. Both vehicles are running at full speed. I want you to decide on a door to open to enter the room and close the door behind you. You must stay in this room for an hour. You can not shut down the engine. You will not have a gas mask.

I presume you’ll take door number 2, with the electric car, right? Door number 1 is a fatal choice. Who would want to breathe these fumes?

It’s the choice the world makes today.

To use one of the four-letter words that some like to comment on, I do not care about **** if you believe in climate change. I am not indifferent if you are concerned about rising temperatures or melting ice. It does not matter to me who’s right or wrong. I just hope you’ll join me to open door number 2, for a smarter, cleaner, healthier and more profitable energy future. “

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