Apple cider vinegar a good base for healing naturally

Today, for most people, vinegar only evokes vinaigrette sauce. But beyond its taste qualities, do we still know how this ingredient was imposed on everyone in the diet first and then in the family medicine kit?

Three fundamental qualities have imposed vinegar in the homes of our elders: it was essential to the preservation of food, it facilitates digestion, it is an antiseptic product firsthand. It is for this reason, and many others, that it was registered in Codex in 1748 and sold for a very long time among apothecaries.

Your kitchen is your pharmacy

If any vinegar is good by definition, cider vinegar stands out. Its peculiarities make it:

  • a great tonic of the nervous system and heart, anti-fatigue,
  • a cleaner and cell regenerator,
  • an outstanding remineralizer,
  • an immunostimulant,
  • an anti-cholesterol …

Cold, circulatory disorders, intestinal, hypertension, foot or skin problems, joint or muscle pain, sunstrokes and insect bites … vinegar is good for everything. And to make the most of it, just add some basic ingredients like honey, all of which are within your reach. Not to mention the thousand beauty recipes that you can concoct with this vinegar. We may not catch flies with vinegar but we will surely redo the cherry, and gratis! Read this email to the end, I give you several very simple recipes that can probably relieve a number of your daily problems.

The secret of vinegar: a soup of microbes and three acids

The formation of vinegar is a natural phenomenon due to the oxidation of ethanol alcoholic beverages by a process of acetic fermentation. The ancients knew how to reproduce this phenomenon by using the “vinegar mother”, the gelatinous veil that forms on the surface of the wine over time. It was unknown then that this acetic fermentation is the fact of a bacterium Acetobacter suboxydans.

Very sociable, she develops ultra quickly by partnering with her sisters to form a biofilm. It has recently been known that other related bacteria have this actifying power. The final result is distinguished by a concentrate of trace elements but especially by its concentration of acids: mainly acetic (5 to 8%), and tartaric and citric acids in varying amounts.

Acetic acid makes vinegar a household detergent but it is also, for the most part, this acid which gives it its bactericidal and medicinal qualities.

Why cider?

Acetic acid explains the thirst-quenching, disinfecting and healing virtues of vinegar, the origin of which, you will say, does not matter. Yet it is cider vinegar that is generally used as a remedy. Why ?

Like others, this vinegar is very rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, fluorine, iron, boron and silica which, one in the other, contribute to its energizing and healing power. But it would be wrong to ignore the particularities of cider vinegar due to the content of essential acids, enzymes and especially its impressive potassium content (up to 1 g per liter).

Potassium is to our soft tissues what calcium is to our hard tissues. It plays a key role in the intracellular fluid and for maintaining the acid-base balance. It is an excellent antidote to pollution, drug and vaccine poisoning and unbalanced diet that attack our acid-base balance to the point of causing many disorders, from thrombosis to cancer. So as long as you take 3 or 4 euros out of your pocket, you can choose cider vinegar. Organic and unpasteurized!

Let’s add that vinegar is very rich in antioxidants. It contains about 600 mg / l of phenolic compounds

The “revelation” of a doctor loving nature

It is to the doctor DeForest Clinton Jarvis that we owe the discovery of the preventive and curative virtues of cider vinegar. This ophthalmologist and otolaryngologist practiced until 1945 in northern New York, Vermont. It is in this region known for its wild landscapes that this observer has studied at length the remedies of local folk medicine.

His observations and experiments are recorded in a best-selling book, “Those Old Healing Remedies,” published in 1958. Cider vinegar is central to the Vermont pharmacopoeia. It is given the power to “slow down” the body and fight against “energy diseases”. Hear “runaways” of the body that result in chronic fatigue, hypertension, heart attacks, gastric and intestinal ulcers, obesity, arthritis …

Jarvis has explained it simply: if these pathological conditions occur, it is because the cells of the body are dehydrated, like a raisin. Their mineral components can no longer be rejected or dissolve, agglutinate and settle in the tissues. And to rehydrate sick cells, gently, nothing better than cider vinegar and its potassium. Hydration disperses agglutinated molecules, allowing minerals and other beneficial elements to penetrate the cell. In short, this medicine is simple: it gives back to the cell its capacities of assimilation, storage and elimination.

Why cows “fool the hive” with half-rotten apples …

It all started in a barn. This is where Dr. Jarvis set up his observation laboratory. The cow is an excellent subject because her diet, so her health, directly affects her milk production.

Jarvis liked to tell the story of a little cow nicknamed “Paralyzed.” At each calving she had an attack of milk fever and paralysis and the vet saved her by injecting him with calcium gluconate. But Jarvis had noticed that dairy cows like apples in the advanced state of fermentation. Perhaps it is their way to get drunk a little, to “flee the hive” to use the rural expression of a breeder friend. But more surely, it is their body that asks for it …

Jarvis therefore proposed to pour half a liter of cider vinegar twice a day into her cow’s food. Three months later, by improving the elasticity of the tissues, she gave birth to a calf in perfect health. in just 10 minutes before regaining your appetite and health.

But Jarvis, who had more ideas, made another observation: knowing that it is difficult to cut the large arteries of cows slaughtered, he noticed that the problem was no longer present in vinegar-treated animals during a part of their life. He deduced that apple cider vinegar promotes the assimilation of calcium and removes calcium deposits in the arterial walls.

The Jarvis Cocktail: a self-made recipe

Sports doctors repeat it: during and after exercise, it is essential to drink an isotonic solution allowing a quick compensation of minerals lost by sweating.

Thanks to the cider vinegar – from organic farming, of course – it is possible to obtain an excellent one which, by helping potassium, also strengthens the musculature.

What is true for athletes is also valid for all diseases that cause heavy sweating, especially, childhood diseases (scarlet fever, viral diseases, mumps, measles)

To do this, dilute 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar and 1 of honey in 100 ml of water rich in sodium: this is the so-called Jarvis cocktail which you will see below the many possible uses. As a general rule, to support the vitality and muscle health of an active person, it is advisable to drink at least 1/2 glass a day, but you can go up to 3 glasses a day.

Another way to heal … with a spoon

Apple cider vinegar, in the form of a cocktail or spoon, has many therapeutic virtues. The indications below show the extent of its spectrum of action:

Weakness, fatigue, fragility in the face of microbes and viruses

Are you often tired? Do you get sick as soon as someone coughs or sniffs around you? You are allergic to anything … Take regular Jarvis cocktail treatments (over approximately 4 weeks without interruption as a preventative) or during periods when you feel fragile. Complete this cure by taking natural vitamin C.

The researchers showed that apple cider vinegar was effective against bacteria causing the most common earache. These are the bacteria of Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and Proteus type.

Vinegar could even be an interesting alternative treatment if antibiotics fail.

Colds and respiratory disorders

In case of sore throat and hoarseness, make gargles of this diluted vinegar (75 ml of warm water with 25 ml of vinegar). If the inflammation is acute, gargle every hour (spit out!). In case of bronchial cough, this vinegar will promote liquefaction and expectoration of phlegm. Take 1 tbsp. coffee syrup: 4 tbsp. liquid honey with 5 tbsp. coffee of this vinegar. Drink plenty of fluids (very hot thyme infusions) to help thick mucus to liquefy.

Cardiac and circulatory disorders

This vinegar, as we have seen, has the capacity to dissolve the calcareous deposits in the arterial walls (an egg shell dissolves in less than 2 days in cider vinegar). It would also reduce the activity of renin, an enzyme that contracts blood vessels and increases pressure.

With vinegar, the effect of renin decreases, blood vessels relax, blood pressure drops, which saves walls and eliminates the risk of having a cardiovascular event. If you are concerned, drink the Jarvis cocktail several times a day and use this vinegar as much as possible for cooking. Its high potassium content will strengthen the heart muscle.

If you suffer from varicose veins, soak a tissue of this vinegar and wrap your legs for 20 minutes.

In case of hemorrhoids, take sitz baths where you dilute a glass of cider vinegar and a glass of sage infusion in warm water.

Bowel disorders

In case of diarrhea, whether caused by bad bacteria or drugs, the body loses a lot of liquid and vital minerals. This vinegar, a mild bactericide (it acts not by destruction but by repulsion), remineralizing, promotes the development of the intestinal flora and regulates the transit.

Dilute 2 tbsp. coffee this vinegar in a glass of water and drink it before meals in small sips until disappearing ailments. In case of constipation, drink several times a day 2 tbsp. coffee of this vinegar diluted in a glass of water and / or warm foot baths (4 liters of water, a glass of cider vinegar and 4 teaspoons of salt).


Drinking vinegar during the meal slows the increase in blood sugar, insulin and triglyceride / cholesterol production.

The acidity of the vinegar slows the emptying of the stomach, which transforms any meal with a high glycemic index (GI) into a low GI meal with all the positive consequences that this implies for health.

In addition, vinegar would block the activity of amylases in the small intestine. Amylases are the enzymes that cut up starch and make it glucose. Part of the swallowed starch would therefore go to the bathroom rather than being transformed into sugar and passing into our blood. This effect is due to the acetic acid contained in all this vinegar.

Joint pain (osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout)

By thinning blood thickened by protein-rich foods (such as meats), apple cider vinegar cleans toxins that accumulate in joints, tissues and organs.

To prevent joint pain, drink half a glass of Jarvis cocktail before breakfast. In case of acute pain, make, in addition, a cold wrap of the member concerned or, if the pain is chronic, a warm wrap with diluted apple cider vinegar.


Vinegar increases calcium absorption by the intestine and decreases the activity of cells that renew (and therefore destroy) bone cells.

Kidney and bladder disorders

This vinegar promotes rinsing of the kidneys and bladder and prevents the formation of kidney and bladder stones. Drink at meals 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water. Again, drink infusions (dandelion or nettle) to better eliminate.

Teething and mouth problems

A recipe for keeping healthy gums is to rinse your mouth morning and night after brushing your teeth with vinegar diluted in water (1 teaspoon in a glass of water). This vinegar stimulates the irrigation of the gum and it stops the inflammations of bacterial origin.

I would not advise you, however, to make this mouthwash with pure vinegar because a study conducted with 2,385 14-year-old adolescents showed that a very regular consumption of pure vinegar could increase the wear of the email . But with a teaspoon diluted in a glass of water there is strictly no risk.

Skin problems

  • Acne: The components of apple cider vinegar purify the skin and prevent inflammation, including those due to the hormonal imbalance of puberty. It is advisable to drink a glass of water in which you have diluted two c. this vinegar before each meal. You can also make facial saunas. Fill a large bowl with 1 l of boiling water, 4 tbsp. this vinegar and chamomile flowers. Cover your head with a towel and place your face over the container in the steamer.
  • Skin inflammation caused by viruses or bacteria: drink a glass of water with 2 tbsp. coffee cider vinegar with meals. Apply compresses of this vinegar and corn flour or potatoes. In case of virus (herpes or shingles), dab the affected areas with this undiluted vinegar.
  • Small insect bites: vinegar, applied immediately, stops itching (mosquitoes, chiggers)
  • Sunburn: the cider vinegar calms and refreshes the red and painful skin and prevents infections. Apply undiluted, gently, to the red areas. And take a bath of fresh water in which you have diluted 3 tbsp. this vinegar.

Gynecological disorders

Apple cider vinegar also regulates vaginal flora (white losses, etc.). Dilute one dose of vinegar for 4 doses of water, all at body temperature. Buy a 10 ml syringe in a pharmacy, cut the tip, pump the prepared solution with your syringe and carefully inject it into the vagina.

In the case of heavy periods, take the Jarvis cocktail in the morning. It acts against bleeding. You can also do sitz baths before the start of menses (dilute half a glass of cider vinegar in hot water).

Body care

Drink a glass of Jarvis’s cocktail in the morning. It will strengthen you while stimulating the blood circulation and the functions of the skin. Complete this diet by:

  • baths: to relax the skin and regenerate its protective film, take a bath in which you poured 1 to 2 glasses of this vinegar. Stay at least 15 minutes and relax.
  • Massages: After bathing or showering, enjoy a massage once a week. Fill your sink with hot water and pour a glass of this vinegar. Massage the body with this vinegar water so that it penetrates well into the skin. Do not wipe yourself.

To nourish, moisturize, smooth and protect your skin, here’s how to make a cream of care from what you can find in your kitchen:

– yoghurt and with this vinegar: mix 3 tbsp. plain yogurt, 1 tbsp. fresh cream, 1 tbsp. honey (heated and very smooth), 1 tbsp. this vinegar and 1 tbsp. coffee tomato juice. Stir until you get a smooth dough. Apply this cream at night.

– the avocado and with this vinegar: mix 3 tbsp. crushed avocado, 3 tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar and 2 tbsp. coffee of wheat bran. Thicken the resulting dough with wheat bran. Spread the mixture on your skin and let it work for 30 minutes.

Hair: L’Oreal, Dessange et compagnie have only to behave well

Apple cider vinegar is the basis of ultra-economical hair care and much healthier than those of the trade. His results will surprise you. Here are some recipes for shampoos and lotions whose main ingredients are also in your kitchen:

  • Blond hair: make a decoction of chamomile flowers (20 g / l) and mix in 1 l of this vinegar. Apply 25 cl of this solution to the hair after shampooing.
  • Brown hair: prepare a shampoo with 2 tbsp. coffee rose water, 2 tbsp. this vinegar and 2 eggs then massage your hair with it and let it work for a few minutes.
  • Shiny hair: make a decoction with 30 g of nettles in ½ liter of water. Filter it and mix with this vinegar. Apply the preparation on the hair after the shampoo.
  • Thick hair: place 10 g of birch leaves, 10 g of lavender leaves in a carafe and pour over a liter of this vinegar. Close tightly and let macerate for a week. Then massage the hair with the solution. Do not rinse.
  • Natural loops: after the shampoo, apply a warm solution of this vinegar (¼ proportion) and water.
  • Gray hair: wash the hair with this vinegar (proportion 1/3) diluted in water and heated. Do not rinse.
  • Oily hair: apply a solution of this vinegar diluted in water (2/3 of water) after the shampoo.
  • Dandruff, hair loss: apply diluted cider vinegar (3/4 water) and heated after shampooing.

From the head … to the feet, what to shade pharmacies!

For the hands, the rule of simplicity also prevails. Do you have problems with dry or chapped skin? To find a supple and smooth skin, do a Jarvis cocktail cure for 4 to 6 weeks (a drink before breakfast). Try also a cream composed of half olive oil and half this vinegar (very good for the body too).

Finally, to invigorate your feet at the end of the day, soak them for 15 minutes in 5 l of hot water in which you poured 3 tbsp. coffee of salt and 2 of this vinegar. If you have heavy legs, rubbing with this pure vinegar will relieve them. What more simple and more universal?

PS : A number of you, readers, probably hesitate to embark on a cider vinegar cure for simple reasons of taste and I understand you. It is not so easy to restrict yourself to daily consumption of vinegar (even sweetened with sugar). This is not a problem for me personally, but I am not alone in the world. For the most reluctant, there is an alternative solution: cider vinegar capsules . We take 2 or 3 with each meal, the effect is the same … without acidity. These capsules can be found quite easily on the internet (for example by following this link) and more rarely in organic shops. It is a very convenient and equally effective solution.

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