Anxiety is more than worry, here’s what it’s really

Anxiety is the night of restless sleep, because you are constantly turning around. It’s your brain that can not help but work. These are the thoughts when you think too much before sleep and all your worst fears become reality in your nightmares and dreams.

It’s waking up tired, even if your day has just started.

Anxiety is learning how to work with sleep deprivation because you have not managed to close your eyes before 2am.

It’s like asking each message “how can I write this correctly? “. It’s double or triple message if you ever missed. Anxiety responds to messages very quickly.

Anxiety is when you wait for an answer and a scenario plays out in your mind about what they might think.

Anxiety is an unanswered message that consumes you from within, even if you say “maybe they’re busy or they’ll answer later.” “

Anxiety is this critical voice that says “maybe they deliberately ignore you. It’s believing every negative scenario you can imagine.

Anxiety is waiting. We always have the impression of waiting.

These are the inaccurate conclusions that you draw because your mind goes away and you have no choice but to follow this destructive path.

Anxiety is excusing for things that do not even need the words “I’m sorry.”

Anxiety is self-doubt and lack of confidence both in oneself and in those around you.

Anxiety is being hyper aware of everyone and everything. So much so that you can tell if a person has changed simply by his choice of tone or the words that he uses.

Anxiety is ruining relationships even before they begin. She tells you, ‘you’re wrong, they do not like you, they’re going away.’ Then you draw premature conclusions and you end the relationship.

Anxiety is constantly worrying and panicking and being constantly on the alert. These are irrational fears.

It’s too much thinking, worrying too much. Because all people who suffer from anxiety are caring.

It’s having sweaty hands and a high heart rate. But outside, we can not see it. You seem calm and comfortable and smiling, but inside it’s quite another thing.

Anxiety is the art of deceiving people who do not know you. And for people who know you, it’s a constant stream of phrases like, “do not worry” or “think too much” or “relax”. It’s listening to your friends for the conclusions you’ve drawn and not really understanding how you got there. But they are there to try to support you, because things go from bad to worse in your mind.

Anxiety is more than worry, here’s what it’s really

Anxiety is wanting to settle something that is not even a problem.

It’s the flow of questions that make you doubt yourself.

“Did I close the door before leaving? “

“Did I turn off the heat? “

It’s just going back to check.

Anxiety is being uncomfortable at a party because you think that all eyes are on you and no one wants you there.

Anxiety is the extra glass you take and the feeling of finally relaxing. Until you wake up the next day with a hangover, full of regret and ask yourself what you said to whom and if you made your excuses?

Anxiety is doing everything to please people.

Anxiety is being on time all the time because the thought of being late will get on your nerves.

Anxiety is the fear of failure and the search for perfection.

She still needs a program or plan.

Anxiety is the voice in your head that says “you will fail”.

Anxiety is procrastination because you are paralyzed by the fear of failing.

These are the triggers that make you explode.

It’s breaking down in private and crying when you’re overwhelmed but no one will ever see this facet of you. Anxiety is getting up and trying again because the only thing worse than overcoming other people is overcoming your own demons.

It’s a fight against that critical voice that says, “you really have a mess.” or “you should feel very bad right now.”

Anxiety is the need and the need to control things because you feel that this thing in your life is out of your control and you have to learn to live with it.

But most of all, anxiety is showing compassion. We never want to hurt someone’s feelings. We never want to do something wrong. More than anything, it’s the lack and the need to simply be accepted and loved. So, sometimes you try too much.

And when you come across friends who are beginning to understand, they help you overcome it. Then you realize that it will be an everyday fight but that you will not do it alone.

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