Anxiety disorders are usually caused by exposure to narcissistic abuse

It is very difficult to escape an abusive relationship. Think about how you feel when you are in a relationship; love fills all, it is almost impossible to find fault with your dear half, and you could do anything for the one you love.

It’s exactly the same thing when someone is in an abusive relationship, but that person only gets pain and suffering.

The people most commonly targeted by these narcissistic abusers are those who are very sensitive and fairly reserved in nature; those who do not fight back. Those who are also less social beings are also targeted because they depend more on their “stronger” half.

When this kind of abuse occurs, there will be no evidence of physical abuse. It’s purely emotional. Narcissistic abuse damages health and self-esteem.

Personality problems are enormous in this situation because the victim is constantly told that it is her fault that she feels bad about the way she is treated; that’s not true, and no one should be ashamed to feel emotionally attacked.

As this kind of abuse is an extremely harsh test, it is very likely that a form of Stockholm Syndrome is triggered. It is when a victim weaves links with his attacker. You may be wondering why someone is connecting with someone who is hurting him?

By acting in this way, the victim has a little sense of protection. It is a survival strategy that is put into place with the philosophy that if the victim believes the same thing (or side of the aggressor), it will no longer be considered a threat that must be punished.

This occurs in extreme cases of physical and mental abuse.

One of the best ways to tell if you are in such a relationship is to be careful whether or not you listen to what your senses are telling you. If you have ignored what your eyes have seen or what your ears have heard, and you have relied solely on the information your abuser says, then there is a problem.

If you believe the lies he says, it will probably develop something that will not be easy to heal. Get help as soon as you can! You are not alone in your efforts and even though you may feel trapped, it is extremely important to seek help and withdraw from the situation.

Indeed, these abuses can lead to severe neurological damage and adrenaline induced fear can cause organ dysfunction.

Do not take it lightly. Even though you may feel love for this person, you may be in a situation that poses a risk to your life. Do not feel obligated to stay with someone who gets involved with you for small mistakes, who physically abuses you, lowers you, or threatens you in some way.

These people feed on fear and servility, so do as fast as you can to avoid tragic ends.

There will always be help, no matter how much you feel lost and alone. If you feel that you are in a situation where you are abused, necessarily by a narcissistic predator, but someone who hurts you emotionally or physically then seek immediate help.

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