Aloe vera, a plant essential for your health!

Indeed, they already used aloe vera to heal themselves. This plant looks like a cactus but is nevertheless part of the family of liliaceae that is to say the same family as leek, onion, chives, asparagus and tulip, lily or lily of the valley. Developing in desert and dry regions, it is able to retain, in its cells, the water that comes from the rare rains to enjoy it in the heat wave. It also protects animals that want to take advantage of this bargain, with thorns reminiscent of cacti.

There are 250 varieties but only 6 of them have medicinal properties: the most known and effective are aloe vera barbadensis miller, aloe ferox …

Aloe vera contains over 200 components including 80 active ingredients that work in synergy.

This plant contains:

  • 12 vitamins (A, vit B, including B12, C and E),
  • more than 20 essential minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium …),
  • proteins ,
  • enzymes (which improve the absorption of proteins and transform food into energy for the cells of the body),
  • lignin (with antiviral and anti-tumor properties and which allows better penetration into tissues),
  • saponin (antiseptic and anti fungal),
  • anthraquinones (with analgesic properties that is to say, which reduce the sensation of pain),
  • essential fatty acids (2%) (food inter alia from the brain and the nervous system),
  • polysaccharides (complex plant sugars that trigger the enzymatic activity of the plant, allowing greater penetration and regeneration of cells, and stimulate immune defenses and the anti-inflammatory action of aloe).

Aloe vera has many virtues:

  • adaptogen: that is, it perceives what the body needs and provides it with the missing factor. The active ingredients go where they are needed, their action is targeted according to the weaknesses of the body.
  • healing : it is very used for that in the countries that have the chance to see it grow in the wild. If you cut yourself or burn, think of liquid aloe vera or gel that is incredibly effective and fast!
  • regenerating and moisturizing , because its polysaccharides allow it to penetrate deep into the heart of the cell: an aloe vera cream will be much more effective than a cream whose main component is water that is not really known for its power of penetration (it should be known that most moisturizing creams on the market are mainly composed of water, which makes them less effective). It allows to regenerate in depth all the emunctories (kidneys, intestines, liver, lungs, skin).
  • immunostimulant: thanks to its many components it reinforces your natural defenses. If you tend to get sick easily (colds, flu …), it helps you to get through the epidemics.
  • rebalances the intestinal flora.If you suffer from various digestive disorders, it relieves you.
  • Whether you are constipated or suffering from diarrhea, it helps to regulate your intestines and brings you a better immediate being. Indeed, the aloe regulates the pH (rate of acidity in the tissues).
  • remineralizing: It makes it possible to compensate for deficiencies thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. If you have anemia, it can only do you good. If you are tired, it’s a real energetic cocktail.
  • anti-allergic: Aloe vera to rebalance the allergic grounds. Not only that, you can not be allergic to it, but it helps you gradually get rid of many forms of allergies. So you will benefit if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, headaches …
  • anti inflammatory : It calms inflammations such as gastritis, enteritis, rheumatism …
  • detoxifying (helps eliminate toxins from the body): Make a cure in the spring and fall, it will do you a lot of good.

If you want to grow one at home, make sure

  • to have the right variety,
  • that before using it, the plant is quite mature (at least 4 years old) and quite big.

Its use will however be limited and it will be necessary to take care to use only the gel which is inside the sheet without mixing it with the yellowish juice (the aloin, a toxic) which is under the envelope of the leaf.

Use the gel immediately as it is very fragile and oxidizes immediately.

You will find many products based on this plant

Be careful because many of these products are diluted above all in water, which makes them ineffective (look at the first ingredient on the label, it must be absolutely aloe vera and not water (aqua) ).

Pay attention

  • to the variety again,
  • to the quality of conservation ( protected from light, so in no case in a clear glass bottle )
  • to stabilization quality.

“100% aloe vera” sometimes indicated on the label is not a guarantee because it can simply be a reconstituted juice from the powder of aloe leaf (aloe quantities are therefore minimal …).

Aloe vera is an easy plant to use

Externally, you find aloe vera gel, filtered juice, cosmetic creams.

It can also be given internally to children and babies in the form of pulp, liquid (filtered pulp) and animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows …).

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