All diseases would start in the intestine.

One of the major milk problems could have been minimized if the milk had continued to be processed as boiled for approximately 26 minutes until the 1970s when the next step was the extraction of the cream made the surface. But industrial processes such as UHT are absolutely not adequate, indeed, the heating time being reduced to 4 seconds, growth factors are no longer extracted from this milk. But it is precisely these Growth Factors that will make the cells of our body live longer, while naturally, after a few days, they will die and be replaced by new ones. As you have just understood, this longevity of cells will be an aggravating factor favoring cancers and other ailments, of course related to other factors such as stress, depression, negativism if it lasts too long or that it is frequent, in sum of the hygiene of life in general.

The growth factors contained in cow’s milk have their place in this drink, which is naturally dedicated to veal, which has to grow in one year, whereas the man grows up in two decades, and moreover these growth factors are justified for an animal that will have to weigh several hundred kilos, or would the man or the woman be naturally planned by the Creator or by Mother Nature to have a constitution of several hundreds of kilos?

Ha a cow is stupid. Sure, a cow is stupid!

Oh man is smart. Really, why ?

Because he drinks milk, and better still, cow’s milk.

Oh yes, I had not thought about it; Indeed, the man is really smart!


By cons you tell me the day you see a cow drink milk! …

The other problem of milk, especially consumed do you want it here, a glass here a yogurt there, portions of cheese here and again yogurt there, is that it is in total contradiction with the advertising slaughter that has taken place several times a day for years: “Dairy Products Are Our Friends For Life”; Since the milk so sweet to our palate, therefore a priori alkaline, that is to say basic, is quite different when it is treated by the stomach. Indeed, it becomes acidic. Nowadays, and especially in Western countries, modern men and women very often have an acidic acid in their bodies (small intestines). And what does the body do when the ground is too acidic? All naturopaths know it: the body will draw the calcium of the skeleton (perhaps also that of the teeth?) In order to balance the overload of acidity!

Indeed, at this stage, we can enjoin advertising and shouting or singing at every street corner that dairy products are certainly our great friends for life!

What will become of Danone for milk (when the links between pathologies and milk will be increasingly recognized by various bodies), or Bouygues with its mobile phone (children and teenagers simply should not own these devices as their brain not enough) when will health scandals break out at one time or another? You say to yourself: “We would not like to be in their place when this happens! “. But in reality, they still have tricks in their pockets. Either the main shareholders will leave these companies for so long and reinvest their money in other companies, or they will bleach themselves by pointing the finger at the states by claiming that their own precautionary principles were in line with those recognized by these states themselves.

But we who read these lines, we can not blame them because we are informed, and we take advantage of course to inform our entourage. And when we are aware of certain problems we then take steps to avoid these problems, simply; We take care of ourselves, all alone, like a big one, like a big one. We get to know each other and we no longer delegate, or as little as possible, certain areas of our lives to others …

The meats in general, the red ones in particular are also sources of disharmony. But here too, each one sees noon at his window; And all in all everyone does as he or she feels. Let our intuition guide us.

All diseases start in the intestine .

How do I feel when my three brains spoke?

What does the synthesis produced by the collegiality of the enteric brain (small intestine) of the brain (heart) and brain brain (cranial box) say?

Do I respect myself?

Do I respect Nature?

If I need the help of the animal kingdom to feed me, then I recognize that I need crutches to move forward … in which case … I thank the animal world with every meal.

The sugar has a direct impact on the entire body by inducing depression, vitality drops. Evils, hitherto said to be “psychological”, are in fact rooted in the brain itself, not the brains of the brain but the brain of the small intestine! If psychologists and psychiatrists are not yet perfumed, tell yourself that you now know you!

(Sugar is not the only offending, far from it, in fact, the intestinal flora by its quality as well as its quantity (think antibiotics) degrades generation after generation. But this is now degraded flora in origin of a large number of psychic disorders such as autism as an example.And this flora now and sadly degraded and insufficient is transmitted by the mother and even by the father during pregnancy and the period of childbirth then that of breastfeeding) (In the stomach there must be absolutely no contribution of bacteria in order to reconstitute the intestinal flora; The stomach must absolutely be the most virgin possible Therefore the intake of probiotics is now in this year 2014 totally questioned)

When struggling to part, then at least one focus of pure sugar cane as it provides the body with the nutrients it really is beneficial even for teeth!

While the sugar refined beet sugar (white sugar) not only strictly bring anything to the body but it also pollutes and moreover handles (candida albicans sugar (fungus) addiction => manipulation of the human being ). Approximately 26 ailments are likely to be caused and maintained by Candida albicans.

And of course, over consumption of sugar and even too much sugar consumption disrupts the pancreas at some point in life.

All diseases start in the bowel following:

As for finally gluten , France is very late!

Would not the word “gluten” make us think of another word? … Maybe, certainly see the word “glu” … No?

Knowing that the role of the small intestine is to absorb the nutrients necessary for our body, let us say that when the walls of the intestine are coated with glue, it goes without saying that its functionality is incomplete. Then it will be necessary that the body gets rid of this useless substance: extra efforts are then provided, but the role of food in addition to being a pleasure is primarily that of supporting the body by what it brings him nutritious and vitality.

Regarding wheat, it is mainly the selections made by humans over time that are loaded with as much gluten.

And as if already this was not enough, viciously the food industry puts it everywhere, even where it should not sensibly have any.

Making buckwheat pancakes can be a way to keep a cereal (or pseudo-cereal) in your diet without the risk of eating anything gluten.

There are other avenues, but it is up to each to explore them according to allergies or food intolerances that he or she would be subject to.

(Note that food intolerances have nothing to do with allergies.) Only a few laboratories analyze the practices, especially one in Metz which is really serious, and note that food intolerances only involve withdrawal for about 5 incriminated foods, just as long as the walls of the enteric brain are rehabilitated.)

(Food intolerances mean that the walls of the small intestine no longer play one of the roles they are responsible for knowing how to be the intestinal barrier that will not let everything pass into the blood and the body.But if the small intestine becomes a colander then it will not be surprising either to gain weight or to let into the body of heavy metals (Parkinson? Alzheimer? ….)

An invaluable transmission of knowledge is offered by Irene Grosjean who herself applied it (knowledge => knowledge => integration).

Caution – Mindful – Irène’s knowledge is precious diamonds offered to those who want to receive them as knowledge, as brushcutting, as a meaningful message, as landmarks, as a very intelligent inspiration, the approach of crudivorism must be approached with care, with what we are ready or not to do, with our capacities of “how far we can go”.

When the veil rises … finally

Lecture by Professor Henri Joyeux March 8, 2013

A huge thank you to Henri Joyeux.

University Professor

Surgeon of the digestive system

University of Montpellier 1

What is known informally for at least 30 years, now in support of the latest discoveries in biology, may begin to spread more and more “officially …”

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