After work, here’s what determines your future! Take an hour each day to do these 5 things and your life will change forever!

Too many people think that our career is determined by the 8 hours of hard work and effort you provide in your work, and that your future growth and career depend on the boss and the company.

But in reality, everything depends on you and not on others.

“Culture” always depends on you. If you have not made progress in life, you can not blame your business.

1. What you do each night is important

My main subject at university was marketing, but I wanted to become a designer.

So I practiced day and night, took some independent work to improve my design skills.

It took me a lot of time. When I became a boss, I did not need to get involved in design anymore, so I went back to marketing.

Every day, when my children slept, I learned to acquire more knowledge, it took me a lot more time, But today I start to make profits. If I had counted on my hours of work to acquire skills, then I would never have become a creative director and product manager, or as today, a marketing professor for MBA students. I rely on the “lessons” that I give myself.

And the people I knew who did the best, have taken the same path as me.I have a friend who is a history graduate, but he is interested in technical sales, During the day, he does telemarketing, at night, he learns to code. He became vice president of sales in a start-up. Now he is CTO.

I have another friend who graduated in Political Science. But he loves entrepreneurship a lot. He learned a lot about how to start a business. He ended up starting a business and sold it, Now he has reaped the rewards. For them, what they do between 18h and midnight is what has determined their future.

Obviously, we have to find a balance between life and work. If you have a wife and children, every night you have to stay with them.

Even if you are single, you need to take time to go to the gym, meet friends, or meditate and so on.

Of course, it’s a good thing to watch movies and play games. But there are things you do not need to do. For example, watching the new season of Netflix, spend 14 hours a week watching TV (This is the average time). Play Candy Crush. That does not seem to be a good thing. So, what should you do?

2. Read more!

My college mentor was born in Alabama, from a poor African family. He was admitted to the West Point Military Academy, and became the first person in his family to attend university.

Before going to Havard for his MBA, he was a trained agent. When I met him, he had already developed his career in the city of Colorado Springs.

I asked him, what was his greatest success?

He replied that he kept the habit of reading, and that he would never stop. He believed that if you wanted to get what you want in life, knowledge is essential. Reading can give you a good start, which is often what your peers can not get.

Compared to others, you are more likely to know of other strategies and tactics in the industry that may be useful to your business.

You can transfer your knowledge within the organization, creating new opportunities for your business. In addition, your conversation topics will become more interesting.

Anthony Robbins said:

“If you spend an hour a day learning a subject a year later, you will have more knowledge than 99.999% of the world’s people. “

Even if you have 30 minutes each night, each week, you can easily read a book. You may not be an expert, but I promise you will know more than your peers.

3. Do some projects

If your company has not given you the opportunity to do projects, create opportunities for yourself. You can do volunteer projects. They can bring you glory. By working with a team, you will understand how things work. You will learn how to complete tasks and deadlines, and you will have feedback on what you are doing, and that will be beneficial.

When you are not strong enough, these experiences may not have value for you. But you are still a novice. These experiences are much more valuable than the miserable salary you get. If you can really convince others of the fruit of your work, then try it. But do not let these private jobs affect your work.

4. Build your relationships actively

In your career, a large relational network will accelerate everything. This will allow you to:

Contact smart friends and know their opinions

Obtain information and knowledge that is difficult to obtain

Help the company find other potential partners

Or income generating opportunities

Try to get to know your co-worker or boss …

If you are an entrepreneur, your relationship network will be your first customers, your staff is a source of capital. Instead of going home, or going to a bar, you should find some inner circles. There are many small groups that are very relevant to your career. You should try to integrate into these circles.

Every week, you can drink coffee with new friends, or have breakfast. Your relationships will be your most valuable asset in the workplace.

5. The change in your life begins tonight

From 6 pm to midnight, you come home, even if you are physically and mentally tired, you are free to do what you want and do not receive any more orders from others.

Meanwhile, you can turn off your brain as you turn off your computer at the office. But you can also do something, become smarter, stronger, have a larger network of people.

From tonight, take an hour a day to do these things, I guarantee you that after one year, your career, and your life will change.

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