Several years ago, a new disease was created by the official medicine: orthorexia. It can be compared to a mental illness, people who are wary of everything they eat, who read the labels carefully, and who leave no room for food that is unhealthy. I think it is not a disease, but a common sense reaction to the criminal manipulation perpetually engaged in by the food industry.

Scandals in nutrition: fish whose name we do not know, organic eggs that are not really …

There is not a day without a new scandal breaking out …

After the scandal of horsemeat , here is now the tuna scandal! It has been learned that 60% of the tuna consumed in the United States is not tuna and that a third of the fish sold are badly labeled (2).

And in our country? Pseudo-wild farmed fish, overexploited species that are passed for others … Another agri-food scandal is looming.

And in Germany, 200 farms were pinned for selling organic eggs that were not really …

It has also been found that 90% of wines contain pesticides (3).

At the same time, we learn that we are hiding the calorific value of the fibers on the labels …

It is therefore normal to comb everything before buying!

One in two cancers is linked to poor nutrition

Yet the quality of nutrition is very important! Nutrition is one of the best ways to prevent cancer and diseases from civilization.

By 2030 cancers are expected to increase by 75%, according to a study published in 2012 in “The Lancet Oncology.”But 50% of cancers are already due to poor nutrition. It is a minimum knowing that it is the Academy of Medicine that says it …

The centrality of our relationship to diet in the development of cancer is beyond doubt.This is what hammered for years some independent experts like Pr Henri Joyeux. This pioneering oncologist of primary prevention through nutrition said it well before the excellent David Servan-Schreiber.

“Better a good menu than a prescription! “

Professor of cancerology and digestive surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, Henri Joyeux is one of the best French specialists in nutrition, nutrition and cancer. He likes to quote Jean Rostand. This is his way of translating the first Hippocratic precept. In his preface to “The food or the third medicine”, a work repeatedly reprinted by his friend Jean Seignalet, he recalls this obvious fact: “It is nutrition that makes the coherent human body unity”.

We are what we eat but alas all the nutrition advice do not go in the same direction, hence the interest to remember the basics.

Henri Joyeux’s essential nutrition tips to ward off cancer and chronic diseases

We all carry potential cancers, explains Henri Joyeux.Dormant cells that have a potential for cancerous transformation. Even tiny tumors perhaps, lurking, sleeping. So do not wake them up and do not stimulate them with poor nutrition or dangerous behavior.

Thus, he advises to avoid as much as possible 3 types of products:

  • red meats and cold cuts,
  • dairy products,
  • gluten.

1 – The meat must become occasional again

This is exactly what is advocated in a recent United Nations report on the environment, for obviously ecological reasons. But this also applies to our health: we must drastically reduce our meat ration.

This will save us a lot of saturated fatty acids and complications.

The ideal is to return to the nutrition of the 50s, just before our eating habits switch from plant to animal.

Eat meat exceptionally and preferably white, in dishes where it is not the main ingredient. Promote legumes (be careful with the cooking method, which should remain light), with small bites of meat.

2 – Let the dairy products to the calves …

The milk produced by the cow is good for the calf. For the child, there is breast milk.

It should be known that dairy products contain three families of growth factors:

  • EGF: epidermal growth factors,
  • TGF: transformation growth factors (skeleton, joints, muscles …),
  • IGF: insulin growth factors.

These three growth factors are dangerous for humans. Again, they are intended for veal. A calf, one year after birth, will weigh 350 kg when a child weighs 5 kg …

These growth factors are not destroyed by conservation mode UHT ultra high temperature (of bringing the milk to 140 ┬░ for 3 to 4 seconds) and will attack our liver, our pancreas, our muscles … Our grandparents mothers did better: by boiling the milk until they had a cream, they eliminated these growth factors.

Three dairy products a day: the royal route to chronic disease

Swallowing tons of dairy products is equivalent to swallowing tons of growth hormones that are unsuitable for our body. It is no coincidence that new treatments in oncology do not pass therapies targeted to tumor tissue, anti-angiogenic, ie anti-growth factors.

Why consume these growth factors to heal afterwards with their antagonists?

And what about the recommendations of the National Health and Nutrition Program 2011-2015 which still imposes 3 dairy products per day for children and adults?

For calcium? We have 3 times too much with dairy products. Knowing that calcium is absorbed only 35% by our metabolism, the rest will go calcify our skeleton, our joints, irritate our colon. With arthrosis, autoimmune diseases and cancers at the key.

For sugar? Lactose causes “lactolism” to use the expression of Henri Joyeux!

3 – Reduce or eliminate gluten

Intensive farming, which has genetically transformed wheat, exposes us to ever-increasing dangers.

Are you still bloated, have gas, poor excretion? Are you often tired? You may be suffering from celiac disease.Easy to detect oneself: it is enough to spend 15 days:

  • bread, even full,
  • pasta,
  • of pizzas,
  • pastries and other biscuits.

If after 15 days the symptoms diminish or disappear, it is that we are intolerant or allergic to gluten.

The gluten of products based on wheat, corn, rye, barley, but also kamut or spelled promotes intestinal porosity. In other words the general intoxication of our organs: the bad molecules like those of milk, instead of being evacuated by our colon, will go to wake our cells with potential for carcinogenicity. And destroy our immune system, hence the explosion of autoimmune diseases.

Attention in particular to the modern bread which besides its nutritional poverty brings us almost alone the quantity of salt which our organization needs daily.

Nutrition Tips : Eat Organic and Seasonal

The most important in the choice of nutrition is to eat organic and with measure, it is a prerequisite. Eating organic at a price that everyone can not afford, but we can still consume seasonal products closer to the farmer-producer (the first health actor).

Be careful with canned and frozen foods, even organic , vectors of helicobacter pylori (towards the stomach) or devastating bacteria (direction the intestine and its flora), inflammatory and carcinogenic in the long run. To consume with moderation.

Learn how to keep your food safe and protect it from oxidation

If you buy organic and you do not know how to keep it, it is useless.

Indeed, poorly preserved antioxidants become pro-oxidants. Here is an excellent book unfortunately too little known: “The oxidation of food and health” (5). Jean Morelle, who wrote it shortly before his death, explains how, for example, to introduce certain vegetables into the kitchen to counteract the phenomenon of oxidation of the dish. This atypical biochemist researcher devoted his life to oxidative stress, a generator of many diseases.

The other 12 tips of Pr Joyeux

Follow these 12 tips to prevent cancers and their recurrences but also the diseases of civilization: diabetes, overweight, autoimmune diseases, rheumatism to Alzheimer’s … Nutrition holds a place necessarily central …

1. Exercise regularly by sweating to eliminate pollution of pesticides, insecticides …: at least twice 30 minutes per week.

2. Avoid excessive overweight : no more than 5 kg compared to your ideal weight. Do not follow any diet, but eat better and better and you will lose 1 kg per month (see The book “Change Food – the Bio Asset”, below).

3. If you want children, it’s best to have them before age 30. AND if you have children, breastfeed them for at least 6 months.

Watch out for the “Parlodel” for cutting lactation. Breastfeeding is ideal for the baby’s health (no need for vaccinations during this time) and for the health of the mother’s breasts.

4. If you want to smoke , it’s one or two cigarettes a day, no more, AND avoid passive smoking. The risks of cancer are in the respiratory tract, bladder, brain .., vascular disorders, heart, cerebral, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Cannabis and hard drugs, in addition to damage to the brain (schizophrenia, neuroses, psychoses, depressions), reduce immune defenses and can make the bed of very fast cancer evolution.

5. Drink a total of 3 large bowls a day : morning tea herbal tea, thyme, rosemary, sage … and the evening verbena, chamomile, linden, yarrow … + 3 glasses of water at meal and a glass (balloon) good organic wine at the end of each meal. No sodas even light.

Drink a maximum of two coffees a day.

6. Promote plant calcium to the animal . And for animal calcium, choose primarily dairy products from small animals, goats and ewes (1 serving per day). Do not take liquid or semi-liquid dairy products , they contain too much sugar in the form of lactose.

7. Eat more salads and other vegetables + 4 to 6 fresh fruits a day, if possible organic and seasonal, including a fresh fruit at each recreation for children.

No compotes because they contain too much sugar.

The best sugar is fructose found in fresh fruits, but also in unheated honey nearby (especially acacias and chestnuts that can be consumed by diabetics in small quantities).

Sprinkle your salad with organic olive oil, virgin, first cold pressed and lemon juice.

8. Eat dry nuts and oleaginous nuts (nut-nuts-almonds-pine nuts) and short-lived steamed legumes for a few minutes to be al dente.

The legumes will be chewable, retain their taste, their phytohormones and all their fibers, useful for your intestinal flora and clean the colon for waste disposal, thus avoiding constipation source of intestinal pullulation and putrefaction.

9. Eat fish and seafood 2 to 3 times a week to get iodine for your thyroid, omega 3s, minerals and trace elements to nourish your neurons.

10. Eat ALL with soft steam, give up microwaves, pressure cookers, fried foods … which damage the nutritional qualities of food.

11. Consume less gluten , because if you have any intolerance, it is responsible for intestinal porosity. It is present in breads, pizzas, pastas, pastries, cookies that behave like sugars. Replace with loaves of flowers, seeds and buckwheat flour, millet, quinoa, chestnut.

12. Avoid maximum prolonged hormonal consumption , ideally less than 5 years for contraception and better not at all. Make men take their responsibilities with the condom that is safe for anyone. No hormonal treatment at the menopause outside phytohormones on demand.

Dominique Vialard with the kind participation of Pr Joyeux and his wife

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