Addiction to video games could be recognized as a disease by the WHO in 2018

The WHO therefore plans to add as of 2018 the addiction to video games as a disease. It would be included in the category “addictive behavior disorders with several characteristics of addiction”. This ranking would allow gaming addicts to enjoy excessive medical supervision.

Dependence would be defined by a number of behaviors: alteration of control, especially in terms of playing time; priority always given to this leisure on other activities; continuation of this activity despite the negative consequences. This behavior can lead to a deterioration of family life, social relationships and school or work activity.

The continuation of the game despite the negative consequences that it may cause is also a determining factor. Many “addicted” players have a tendency to persist in the practice of games despite an obvious and continuous degradation of their social and family life.

Towards the end of endless debates

The World Health Organization does not question the only playful practice of video games but wants to warn about deviant behavior.

“The game can also become an addictive behavior through the” gameplay “, the mechanisms of rewards and rewards, the capture of attention, the immersion of the player, which allows him to forget his daily life. This is the goal of all games but in addictive situations, the game takes a problematic place, “said Dr. Bruno Rocher, psychiatrist addictologist at the University Hospital of Nantes, Sciences et Avenir magazine.

For many years defenders and critics of video games have opposed the addiction phenomena they could generate. This WHO intervention would put an end to this debate. The main interest of this classification of addiction to video games as a disease would be the possibility for the persons concerned to benefit from care, and would make it possible to consider a treatment and a management of the problem as it is already the case for the addiction, smoking or alcoholism.

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