According to science, there are only 3 types of selfies

If you do not know what a selfie is, either you grew up without access to the outside world, or you woke up from a long coma. Almost everyone today takes selfies using the camera from the front of their phone or tablet to be able to see themselves while photographing themselves.

Although people take pictures of them for longer than the arrival of smartphones (and Instagram!), The “culture of the selfie” is really present in this generation. Although some may claim that the only reason for taking a selfie is narcissism, it could not be further from the truth.

Fortunately, today we have dedicated researchers who are not afraid to do the work necessary to find out exactly why people take selfies, and their discoveries might surprise. This study, published by researchers at Brigham Young University, revealed that there were three types of selfie takers.

According to science, there are only 3 types of selfies:


These people use selfies as a way to share the story of their life with the world. For them, each selfie is an essential reminder of an event in their life, and a way to share their personality and experiences with others.

Autobiographers often include extras in the background, be it people outside, or an event or place they visit. Instead of just shooting the sunset, the selfie wants to capture what he felt at that moment.


This type of selfie taker intends to use an image to start a conversation. It’s a way for him to reach out to others to try to engage with friends. Most often, he will also share information in his post, which may or may not be related to their real selfie.

Communicators want comments in response to their selfies rather than a simple like. They expect people to answer their question or statement and use a selfie as a way to get people’s attention and make the message more personal to make people want to talk to them.


He is an artist who uses selfies as a form of art and self-expression. They put real time into their selfies, carefully choosing the background to set up the lighting, pose and position they will use.

Self-publicists seek to be appreciated for their art, and do not necessarily seek to start a conversation, nor do they seek to remember that moment. They may have a message to share, but their purpose is only to share it, not discuss it.

And you?

What type of selfie taker are you? Do you agree with the results, or do you think people can post selfies for different reasons?

According to science, there would be only 3 types of selfies Even the study: //

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