According to experts, knitting and crochet can have a surprising impact on health

While in the past, knitting was needed to make warm clothes and blankets, now it’s just a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s always so satisfying to do something with your hands!

But in reality, knitting has many benefits for the stimulation of health. In addition to being a cool skill and a method of creative expression, he has mental, physical and emotional benefits.

Knitters know how nice it is to knit to relax after a long day of work. It’s really soothing.

If you do not knit, these unexpected side effects might convince you to get started!

Discover the benefits that this incredible hobby can bring you!

Why knitting and crochet?

Knitting and crochet may look old-fashioned, but they are not at all. In fact, knitting is growing slightly in popularity among people of all ages.

But besides being a useful skill, what are the health benefits?

1. Decreases heart rate and blood pressure

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If you’re knitting or crocheting, you probably know how relaxed you feel after you’ve finished a good session.

It turns out that relaxation decreases the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, which, in excess, is harmful to the heart and circulatory system and stress can also cause all kinds of other unpleasant health problems.

2. Keeps fingers nimble

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

Knitting and crochet require a number of small, precise movements, often performed quickly.

This repetitive exercise is ideal for keeping the joints of the fingers flexible and the muscles of the hands tonic.

It may seem like a paradox, but keeping fingers moving while knitting is great for maintaining the mobility of people with arthritis.

Of course, like any activity, go smoothly and do not overdo it, and take regular breaks for stretching.

3. Improves math skills

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Believe it or not, you can refine your math skills without making lines and arithmetic lines – or at least that will be your impression.

In knitting and crochet, you have to count, multiply, measure, and structure, and that’s all math skills.

But when you knit, you do most of these things unconsciously. But the effect on your brain is the same: better math skills.

4. Soothes anxiety

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In addition to physically relaxing the body, knitting also soothes the mind.

For many, the practice of knitting is a kind of meditation, and allows the mind to pause and refocus, and this helps to ease worries.

5. Sharpen the memory

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

Just like with mathematics, in knitting you have to remember what you do.

When you knit, you actively work on your memory, and the more you use it, the better it becomes.

6. Helps manage pain

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

Knitting requires attention, which means you have to focus on it and not on pain, for example.

For people with chronic pain, knitting allows them to think of something else, and makes them less aware of pain for at least a few hours.

And it’s not just physical pain. People with clinical depression and eating disorders also reported feeling better after knitting.

7. Decreases the urge to eat without thinking

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

If your hands are busy, you can not catch the packet of chips! People who knit tend to be less likely to eat without thinking, and therefore tend to have a better diet.

If you want to eat more consciously, try knitting when you have to stay at home or watch TV.

8. Keep your brain healthy for many years

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

Studies have shown that older people who knit or crochet have a lower risk of age – related cognitive impairment.

Among people aged 70 to 89, studies have shown that knitters and crocheters have healthier brains and better memory.

This helps the brain to create and preserve the neural pathways that keep the mind alive and keep the memory alive.

9. Gives the feeling of having a purpose

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Having a project gives you a goal and the feeling of having a purpose. You want to achieve this goal, and bringing it closer and closer, is an inspiring feeling.

Best is creating handmade gifts for friends and family, or creating scarves and mittens for the people who need them.

The feeling of creating something for someone you love is very rewarding.

10. Stimulates confidence and self-esteem

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

When you have finished something, you have a physical thing that you can hold and watch and say, “I did it! “

Knitting is a skill that is learned and mastered, and it’s something you can do.

You can turn a piece of thread into something portable! It’s awesome!

11. You get a unique piece at the end!

Credit image: Tayra Lucero

The best thing about knitting is having something unique at the end.

Maybe you’ll end up with a perfectly fitted sweater, or a blanket that blends perfectly with your room, or a scarf with your favorite colors. Anyway, it’s up to you!

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