According to a study, older frizzy fathers attract women and live longer

Becoming bloated after paternity because of lower testosterone levels may not be ideal for the “macho”, but it actually extends life and strengthens the immune system, according to Richard Bribiescas, professor of anthropology and vice – rector at Yale University.

There is evidence that these men are less likely to suffer heart attacks and prostate cancer, while a 2008 study found that men with high metabolism had a 50% risk of dying prematurely compared to men whose bodies burned less energy at rest.

Being macho makes you sick,” said Professor Bribiescas. “The image of Hollywood’s bad boy fanfaron evokes a perception of indestructibility.

“Although men are on average taller and physically stronger than women, men have considerable weakness.

“We have a harder time fighting infections and diseases compared to women, and … men just do not take care of themselves.

This has a significant negative impact on the rate at which men are aging. “

Professor Bribiescas also argues that becoming chubby makes dads more likely to invest their time in their children rather than looking for other women, so plump men might be more attractive to women.

According to a study, older frizzy fathers attract women


Among those who had a child late in life, there is Robert De Niro, who had a child at age 68, and Rod Stewart, who was 66 when his eighth child was born.

“One of the effects of low testosterone levels is loss of muscle mass and increased body fat,” writes Professor Bribiescas in his book, “How Men Matter: What Evidence Revolves on the Health of People”. men and mortality “.

“This change in body composition not only causes a change in the body of men, but also increases increased survival and, hypothetically, a more effective hormonal environment to promote and support paternal investment. “

However, a study from Cambridge University last year found that women looking for a father for their children should choose runners that traditionally have a very low fat content because they are more likely to have stronger impulses and more sperm.

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