Abandoned animals: their numbers increased by 24% this summer

Dirty summer for the animals. The SPA has welcomed 4,006 animals abandoned between June 1 and August 15, 2016, against 3,218 during the same period last summer, or 24% more, she announced Monday.

Dogs paid the highest price this summer with a total of 1,577 drops, compared with 1,198 last summer (31%). 2,320 cats were supported by the SPA against 1,921 in 2015 (20%). The other 106 dropouts are for NACs (new pets).

Adoptions also increased

“Our call for adoption launched July 10, 15 days ahead of summer 2015, encouraging us to adopt one of our residents allowed us to see our adoptions increase by 10% compared to summer 2015, “animal advocates said in a statement.

To find a home for these new residents the SPA will open the doors of its 63 shelters and SPA Houses, September 30 and the weekend of October 1 and 2, under the theme “Find the animal that suits you”.

Abandoned animals

SPA launches its appeal to fight against abandonment! Appointment on https://t.co/4bvZuQY9Ec #labandonnejamais – SPA France (@SPA_Officiel) June 15, 2016

“The animal that looks like us is the one that, at first glance, seems to correspond to what we are. Beyond her physique, her temperament, her character also tell us if we are made for each other and able to share our way of life and our habitssays Natacha Harry, volunteer President of the SPA. “These are the very foundations of our principle of responsible adoption: who looks alike, certainly, but forever! She hopes. In October 2015, the Open Doors allowed 1,357 animals, dogs, cats and NACs to “find an attentive and loving home”.

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