A woman calls 911 to order a pizza

US users on AskReddit asked 911 emergency operators what were the most unusual calls they had received. Keith Weisinger , who worked at the Police Phone Call Station from 2004 to 2006, tells us about this memorable phone call. This is the story of a woman who called for emergencies saying that she wanted to place an order for delivery. Here is the phone conversation that took place:

– Here 911, where is your emergency?

– At 113 Main Street.

– Okay, what’s going on?

I would like to order pizza for delivery. (super, another phone hoax)

– You are at 911 Madam.

– Yes I know. I would like a big pizza with a half pepperoni, a half mushroom and peppers.

– Euuuh … I’m sorry, you know you just called 911?

– Yes, you know how long will it take?

– Okay, ma’am, is everything okay on your side? Do you have an emergency?

– Yes quite.

– … And you can not talk about it because there is someone with you in the room? (moment of understanding)

– Yes that’s right. Do you know if it’s going to be long?

– I have an officer next to where you are. Are there weapons in your house?

– Not.

– Can you stay on the phone with me? “

– No. Goodbye thanks.

After the woman was hung up, Agent Keith Weisinger traced her call and checked her address history. She found multiple calls for domestic violence . She then sends a police officer on the spot. The latter then discovers a couple, a girl rather amok√©e and his friend completely drunk. The officer stopped the abusive boyfriend after the girl explained that her boyfriend had been beating her for a while. The victim was very clever to use this subterfuge. Keith Weisinger was very impressed by this phone call, “definitely one of our most memorable calls,” she recalls.

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