A terracotta tile that provides solar energy: Invisible Solar

This invention risks modifying the energy efficiency of the oldest buildings of our beloved heritage. But that’s not all, everyone can install them because there will be no more refusal like solar panels on your roof.

However, this is of course a certain type of panel: tiles that look like traditional terracotta tiles.

Dyaqua, which specializes in the aesthetic integration of renewable energies, has designed this photovoltaic system invisible to the naked eye.

This system is called: Invisible Solar. It is a tile that keeps the appearance of the terracotta, but incorporates incredible technological innovations.

Its interest is not only aesthetic because the main objective of this invention is to offer a solution to produce renewable energy for example, in historic centers or monuments. In this way, even the oldest and most protected buildings will also benefit from the advantages of photovoltaics.

In France, according to the charter on solar panels, article 12 explains that their implantation “can be refused on the grounds of the protection of built or un-built heritage, landscapes or monumental and urban perspectives. “

Source : Dyaqua

There are certainly many people who have already faced this problem.

You would have liked to install solar panels but your city hall did not grant you permission. This tile will surely become the answer to this dilemma.

In addition, its aesthetic adapts according to the characteristics of each region. It can be produced from local clay or in Provencal style, for example.

Put on sale in Italy since June 1st, this solution is very successful. It has been waiting for several years to renovate the historic centers of cities like Florence, Venice, or even Rome.

Source : Dyaqua

Invisibles Solar tiles have several functions: they produce clean and renewable energy, they waterproof and protect homes, they purify the air of harmful substances and are self-cleaning just that!

They are made with non-toxic, natural or recycled materials. All elements are recyclable.

This video explains how this system works and how it installs on rooftops:

Its surface is opaque to the view, but transparent for the rays of the sun. It covers photovoltaic cells without limiting their efficiency and respecting the aesthetic characteristics of heritage.

Source : Dyaqua

Its installation is simple and looks like traditional tiles. It replaces existing coverage without the need to add other structures.

In Italy, the energy revolution of historic centers is under way. It was time. A little more patience and this technology will come to us. The more this information circulates, and the faster it will arrive!

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