A Taoist master explains how the negative chi influences us and why it’s important to turn to our interior

It is said that energy goes where there is attention. And in the crazy media world of our modern world, our attention is scattered everywhere. That means our energy is everywhere, and if it’s everywhere, it’s not where we need it most, which contributes to our personal health and well-being.

This is especially true in times of crisis, when tragic events flood our society as a whole, causing intense anxiety and worry, causing extreme stress. When we are in these states, our spiritual energy is drained and our physical and psychological health can deteriorate very quickly.

It’s more than just a feeling, it’s the science of chi, your life energy. This Taoist master and author of numerous books on energy development, Mantak Chia, explains:

But what is this ‘chi’, and where does it come from? Chi is the primordial force of life itself. It begins in human life by the piercing of an egg by a spermatozoon. From this original fusion is born a new human being extremely complex. Chi is the continuous flow of energy linking the different tissues, organs and brain functions into a unified whole; a person. The chi also connects this person to his environment. “Mantak Chia

Keeping, protecting and strengthening your chi is a daily challenge with all the distractions and negative emotions moving around us. Commenting in an article on Taoist cosmic healing, Chia explains how the negative chi affects us.

In the Tao of Healing, physical health, mental health, and spiritual growth are different parts of the same process; they are all related to keeping the chi flowing strongly and gently through our body. Our emotions are intimately linked to our health and our spiritual development.

Negative emotions, such as anger, explode and drive energy away from our body. Similarly, when we are afraid, we contract so much that we literally press the chi out of our body. I’m sure you’ve noticed how exhausted you feel after episodes of strong negative emotions. This does not mean that you should never feel fear or anger; these emotions are natural and appropriate at times, and if you do not feel them then, something is wrong. But if they become your chronic way of reacting, your energy gets bogged down in these emotions and you sometimes feel them inappropriately. Your chi will be blocked and will run out. Emotions can be one of our biggest energetic drains, and without a strong chi, health will end up suffering and spiritual practice will be difficult or impossible. – Mantak Chia

Speaking recently with Brian Rose from London Real, Chia explains what microcosmic orbit is and why it’s so important to focus on our body and our body. If the brain is still focused on the outside world, it is not able to do the important work of regulating the body’s organs.

Focusing on oneself and calming the mind is essential for health, especially in an environment so rich in negative emotions.

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