A solar power outlet that provides free electricity

This invention, Window Socket, is the work of two South Korean designers, Boa Oh and Kyuho Song. An invention as we would like to have more often! This revolutionary concept, which is still a prototype, allows to glue an electrical outlet to a glass or other medium as a solution for battery charging problems. This is a pocket jack that you can take everywhere to recharge your favorite material everyday! Tablet, smartphone, laptop …

Window Socket is very simple to use. It is a mobile power socket that works independently because it integrates mini solar panels. This object allows to recharge material thanks – and you’ll understand – to solar energy. An invention that will soon be talked about …

This idea of ​​genius allows us to consume electricity differently!

This invention is very close to the photovoltaic panels that we know well. This company allows to use and benefit from electricity for free by simply sticking the device on a window. Thanks to its integrated solar cells and housed at the back of the device, the autonomous socket will then capture the solar energy to transform it into electricity allowing to recharge any object!

According to their evaluation, it will take 5 to 8 hours for the battery inside to charge up to 1000 mAh. Indeed, for the moment, the energy of Windows Socket is equivalent to half a AA battery. Despite this, the invention is rather interesting and would, even in the current state, to troubleshoot in case of lack of energy.

According to some studies, the amount of sun we receive on earth is 3000 times greater than our daily needs. Alternatives exist in all areas, it is more than time to help this kind of project to see the day. With the price of electricity that continues to increase each year, it is high time that this invention materializes!

Easily transportable, light, design and real source of free energy with its integrated electrical outlet, the window socket is installed on a window, captures the sun’s rays and provides you with transportable electrical energy. You directly plug in your electronic devices such as your PC or phone charger.

It provides little energy, but enough to charge a smartphone or a small mobile device.

Improvement project

It takes between 5 and 8 hours of exposure to sunlight today to fully charge it. It then provides about ten hours of electricity. The project is largely perfectible to make it compatible with more powerful electrical devices. (Source)

All they need is to sell the idea. No doubt that it will find taker. So expect to see land soon in your shelves, this gadget that shows us once again that free electricity is within the reach of all.

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