A shower of shooting stars will march during the nights of May 5 and 6

Since the end of April, it has been confirmed that the Earth had entered the furrow left by Halley’s comet. The sky was particularly clear lately, we could well see some shooting stars : it is about many micro-ends of comets which you will see igniting and rushing in the atmosphere. This is normal because they are becoming more numerous as the “fateful date” approaches, the nights of May 5 and 6.

Aquarids are easier to observe a little before dawn, far from urban lighting. It is also advisable to look south-east to make the most of it. We can observe up to 55 shooting stars per hour. This will be an opportunity for you to make many wishes.

This phenomenon will end towards the end of May, when the Earth will be completely out of the wake of the comet.

It is best to observe them before dawn, around three or four o’clock in the morning. The peak should take place precisely at 3:45 in the morning but the rain of shooting stars should be visible all night.

Get away from any light pollution so that the show is total, floor lamp, light panel or urban lighting. If you go to the countryside during this long weekend, you can observe this phenomenon in an ideal way. Sit comfortably and warm in an open space. No need for a telescope: enjoy the show and do not forget to make a wish!

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