A recycling program in Sweden is working so well that it is running out of waste

“What we do to the forests of the world just reflects what we do and what we do to others.” Chris Maser wrote these words in Forest Primeval: The Natural History of an Ancient Forest the natural history of an old forest) and this very accurately describes our world situation.

We live selfishly and we can observe the consequences all around us. We buy a new car while our neighbors have medical bills that they can not pay. We waste our food by throwing it away or eating excessively, while millions of people starve. But the worst part of all this is our atrocities that we do to the environment. We always take more. We do not give back. We watch our land deteriorate, and we wonder when someone will save it for us.


These measures work. In Sweden, more than half of all electricity is generated from renewable sources. They have been heavily taxing fossil fuels for twenty-five years. They have a recycling system that is so efficient that less than one per cent of household waste ended up in a landfill last year.

As a result, Sweden is running out of waste. They have to import waste from neighboring countries to maintain their sophisticated recycling system.

“Swedes love to be in nature and they are aware of what we have to do for nature and environmental problems. We have been working on communications for a while to educate people not to throw things out so we can recycle and reuse, “said Anna-Carin Gripwall, director of communications for Avfall Sverige, the recycling association of the Swedish waste management. You will not see the Swedes skip the processing of waste to transform it, and the reason is simple. They love their environment and do their best to preserve its beauty and health.

The Swedish recycling system integrates public and private organizations in a coherent way. Private companies deal with most of the import and combustion of waste. The energy then passes into a national heating network. “This is one of the main reasons we have this network, so we can use the heating of the waste facilities. In the southern part of Europe, they do not heat from the waste, they leave directly by the chimney. Here we use them as a substitute for fossil fuels, “Gripwell told The Independent.

There is enough of everything in the world to satisfy the needs of man, but not enough to satisfy his greed. “, Observed Mahatma Gandhi. If we want to preserve our world for future generations, we must make some big changes now. As Sweden has proved, sustainable change begins with citizens like you and me.

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