A psychologist explains why you could be happier single

Generally, people think they are happier when they are in a relationship. And when they are not in a relationship, they feel that something is missing in their lives and that they can not be really happy.

A psychologist said at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Denver that staying single is better for humans. Professor Bella DePaulo believes that being single allows people to be their most authentic being and follow their dreams. She does not agree with the statement that marriage gives people a happier and healthier life.

There has been a lot of research on this subject. It turns out that those who stay single are more focused on themselves than those who get married. This means that single people are more determined in self-development and growth. It is very common for people who have been together for a long time to forget themselves and start thinking about themselves as half of the couple.

It is important to learn new things and grow as a person, not just as a couple. Single people are more critical of their work, which means they have high expectations and do not accept the environment or the tasks that do not satisfy them. Studies have shown that married people are much more conciliatory and do not act when they are not satisfied with work.

You could be happier single: the ratio between married and single has changed in recent years.

Figures from the British National Statistics Office show that last year there were 23.7 million married people and 16.2 million single people living in the United Kingdom. In 2002, there were 23 million married people, but 12.5 million single people. This statistic shows that being single has become more popular over time.

In ancient times, being single was a terrible thing. People judged you because of that. The girls, who were not married in their twenties and had no children, were considered losers. People immediately thought that something was wrong with these people. Fortunately, today, things are different, and you can be single in our society without any judgment.

Single people can focus more on their careers and work. They also have more time for their friends and family, and research has shown that single people are usually closer to family and friends.

When a couple gets married, he often stops going out with his friends or finding time to go out with his colleagues. They isolate themselves from others and spend most of their time just together. It is the simplest and most comfortable solution for them.

It is wrong to think that single people feel isolated or upset. Most of them are single by choice, which means they might have someone, but they choose to focus on other things in life. And that’s perfectly normal. Single people are very independent, and they do exactly what they like.

Being single means that you do not always have to consider the other person. It means only hobbies that you like, see your friends and watch the movies that interest you. Usually, married people do not have the same tastes, which means that each of them has to compromise from time to time.

The psychologist DePaulo hopes that our society will start, even more, to value singles and their capacity to be self-sufficient. Other people should not be sorry because they can design their lives as they wish.

DePaulo believes that single people can be happier and healthier than married people because they have the time and energy to focus on themselves and their needs. So, the next time you dream of getting married, think twice.

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