A person who cries a lot means that she is mentally strong

According to neuroscientist and researcher Dr. William H. Frey II, Ph.D., “crying is not only a human response to pain and frustration, but it is also good for your health. “Stress is a natural way to reduce the emotional stress that negatively affects the body, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders if left unchecked.”

Research shows that 85 percent of women and 73 percent of men feel less angry and sad when they cried. Many people think that crying makes them weak and unable to cope with their lives and emotions, whereas in fact, crying brings exactly the opposite!

A person who cries a lot means that she is mentally strong:

– When you cry, you reveal your vulnerable side to people, not only do you free yourself, but you also help others feel more comfortable doing the same thing.

Many people repress their emotions, fearing what others may say or think if they are in the purest form. But when you cry in front of others when you need, you automatically contribute to a much more authentic, free and healthy society.

– When you release negative emotions that do not serve your interests, it indicates that you are not afraid of your feelings.

Crying does not mean that you are not able to manage your life; it means you have even more ability to cope with everything that happens because you are not trying to escape. You decide to deal with it, no matter what it brings you. If you have to cry, you know that your body needs it to release the excess energy, or to recover after a stressful event. And you accept this fact without feeling ashamed or apologetic about it.

– Repressing your emotions eventually leads to big eruptions, where you release all that you have felt for months in one go.

These situations are bad, and can cause a lot of emotional damage in the long run. Crying regularly helps you keep your nervous system healthy, and also allows you to get out of buried emotions.

– Crying has many benefits, it actually releases the right hormones by lowering the level of manganese, which can cause extreme anxiety and stress if it accumulates too much in your system.

Crying also helps lubricate your eyes and prevent dehydration; without tears, we could not see properly! Finally, tears kill bacteria and remove other harmful toxins from the body.

– What we think of you does not matter, if we do not feel emotions, then we would be mere machines.

Crying means that we accept to be vulnerable; it takes a lot of courage to show this side to others, and not pay attention to what they might think. Nevertheless, our ability to cry means that we are much more than machines, and you have realized that. Crying is essential for being a balanced person in good emotional health.

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