A nephew or niece is the best gift a brother or sister can make

It’s about testing the waters as if we were the greatest inexperts in the world and start enjoying life without worry, while sharing a magical environment with them, where care, happiness, gratitude and complicity are paramount .

It is not easy to meet all these expectations, but the joy we feel in return, with these children we love, is worth it.

The importance of uncles and aunts in the lives of nephews and nieces

The emotional legacy that an uncle or aunt offers to a nephew or niece is another of the reasons that make this relationship unique in the lives of these little ones.

Uncles and aunts must be mentors, people who help them to have other points of view in life, and family relatives who share their concerns, games, thoughts and feelings without judgment.

An uncle or aunt can inspire a child in his hobbies and motivations, counsel him and guide him to complicated moments in his life or on conflicting issues with his parents.

Sometimes parents are not the best people to handle a problem.

Although an uncle or an aunt are not friends, they represent complicity, confidentiality, closeness and loyalty in the unconditionality of the family.

All these characteristics must be in this adult person, flexible and close.

Uncles and aunts are lifelong friends, and nephews and nieces are unconditional companions in the family’s life. A beautiful heritage bequeathed in a relationship without rivals, pressure or secrets.

Often, the role of uncles and aunts in the lives of children is not recognized.

Likewise, since it is so magical and special, if cultivated, it can be one of the richest emotional paths in our lives.

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