A mysterious creature looking like a blue dragon found in Australia

Last week, a tiny sea creature ran aground on the shores of Queensland Australia, which amazed swimmers. This animal from another world looks like a dragon we could see in a fantastic movie.

Although there have been many fanciful creatures invented by tradition and mythology, some fantastic creatures are very real – this is called the blue dragon, or Glaucus Atlanticus, as it is officially called.


However, Glaucus atlanticus, or Atlantic glaucus in French, is neither more nor less than a small marine gastropod mollusk. The specimen belongs to the family Glaucidae within the large group of nudibranchs. Although it does not spit fire and its size does not exceed 4 centimeters long, it remains a formidable animal.

The blue dragon possesses a powerful deadly venom that it does not produce itself but that recovers stinging organisms which they feed on. Its prey, which floats on the surface of the water, is largely extremely venomous “Instead of assimilating stinging cells, G. atlanticus store them outside their bodies,” and then reuse them at their own expense. Kylie Pitt, marine invertebrate specialist at Griffith University reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin. Fortunately, sting cases in humans are extremely rare. . The animal evolves in the tropical and temperate waters of all the great oceans.

Dragon bleu Youtube

It is hermaphrodite (each individual has both male and female attributes) but can not self-fertilize. When it reproduces, the two partners face each other to join their ventral sides and at the end of the fertilization, each individual will lay about ten to thirty eggs in rosary.

Like all gastropods, glaucus is slow, very slow: it can be about one meter in one hour. Most of the time, he will be happy to be carried by the current. Its survival is intrinsically linked to water and it will wither very quickly if it is out. So if you happen to find one at the bottom of the ocean, be nice: leave it where it is.

The blue dragons were only rarely observed by the men which gave a real pleasure rare that day to the people who were on the beach.

You can learn more about this fascinating sea slug in this YouTube video below:

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