A mother refuses her son to go to Marineland with his class and writes a word of excuse

Mani, 7 years and a half, did not go to Marineland Antibes to celebrate the end of the year with his class of CE1. Audrey, his mother, wrote him a word of apology as we rarely see.

The mother states on her Facebook page: “My no authorization for the end of the year. With my son we choose by mutual agreement to go and marvel elsewhere that day

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The word excuse

“We think it’s not ethically acceptable for dolphins and killer whales to travel 100 to 200 km a day in the sea, be locked in swimming pools and jump in hoops. I teach my child not to marvel at animal distress. Thank you for your understanding, cordially, Audrey. “

Contacted by The HuffPost, the mother explains having asked the question: do you want to go to Marineland? “Her son said no,” she says, “he told me that he preferred to go to the Village des Fous, Villeneuve-Loubet. “

“I’ve already taken him to sea with the SOS Grand Bleu association in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, to observe marine mammals in their habitat,” continues La Niçoise. We did not disturb them, we did not intervene, we observed them with respect. “

To please his mother or true conviction?

Asked if her son answered this to please his mother or on his own initiative, the creator of the site Zoom therapy, which trains in alternative therapies such as naturopathy, wanted to add:

“Two months ago we made a game. We wrote a list of eight wishes that we would like to see realized in our lives and in the world. One of his was that dolphins could live in freedom, not in parks. At that time, the discussion had not been focused on this topic at all. I love dolphins but it’s far from being a central topic at home. “

The teacher replied to Audrey: “It’s your choice, I respect it”.

In early May, the former Minister of the Environment, Mrs. Royal, issued a decree purporting to end the captivity of dolphins and killer whales.

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