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I give free rein to all the anguish and anger I feel since I was 4 years old. The Spirit hears all I have to say about the years of torture inflicted on me by my so-called “gift”: isolation, too early science, a predetermined life.

– I accepted a lot of things. I sacrificed my childhood, suffered the suffering of others, took the responsibility to heal thousands of strangers. I was exhausted, physically and mentally. And are you telling me now that I can not even protect my own family? No way, damn it!

The waves threaten to swallow me up.

– If you want everything to stop there, Spirit, no problem. If I can not save my dog, I leave with her.

An endless second elapses. Numb, exhausted, I understand that I may have gone too far. I’m not far from joining my dog ​​at the bottom of the bay.

I take a look at the shore to see one last time the girl with whom I planned to spend the rest of my life.

The Spirit then says:

In shock, I scream:

– Comment ?

To my surprise, my strength is coming back and I’m swimming again. In my head, I continue to cry to the Spirit that I deserve to survive in the company of my dog. Otherwise, I prefer to die with her.

“I’ll take you to August,” said the Spirit. In return, you must commit yourself to your responsibilities. You are destined to do this work by the grace of God.

– Okay that’s good ! If I find August, I will never complain again!

I’m swimming seven meters. The Spirit enjoins me to hold my breath, to dive to three meters deep and to open my eyes.

Suddenly, I have strength and I feel my legs again. I dive to about three meters, open my eyes and there … an angel. I have never seen one before. It looks like a woman able to breathe underwater. A radiant source of light illuminates it from behind. Her eyes shine and she sports two huge bright wings. It is inevitably a divine being.

She holds August in her arms, and a halo envelops them both. For a moment, time stops. I see it remarkably well and it’s easy for me to hold my breath.

For a moment, time stops

I grab the collar of my dog. And then “something” propels us upwards and we reach the surface of the water. The bay is still icy and the current is also violent. The wind blows violently. When I open my eyes, the Spirit is there, just above the water. It is the first time that I see it since the age of 4 years.

“We do not have much time,” he said. The angel is going away.

I remember that we have passed on the brink of disaster, and a new wave of power pierces me. I start swimming, holding August, lifeless, against me. It’s like pulling us to the shore to save us.

Soon I’m down, and my girlfriend sobs with relief. I crawl on the sand crying, not that I suffer from hypothermia but because I am afraid of having lost August. I have one idea in mind: “Make it survive! “

She opens her eyes, suffocates and comes back to life. The sun comes out behind the clouds and one of its spokes just caress my dog. I turn to the light and thank the Spirit.

I realize that this is the first time I’m doing this. It is time not to fight against the Spirit and to fight against a bad heart.

Until then, people have always rushed to ask me for advice.

From now on, I pledge to help them all my life.

I know that my gift is not only good. But I stop complaining and I accept what’s happening to me.

I fully assume my role as a “medical medium”.

The process

Once decided to get involved in my mission, I design a routine that allows me to accomplish as efficiently as possible.

Since I do not have to be in the same room as the person I’m scouring, I often work over the phone. It allows me to communicate with people wherever they are, around the world, without wasting time between sessions. I helped tens of thousands of customers.

When I “scans” someone, the Spirit creates a very bright white light that allows me to “enter” into him. The intensity of this light, absolutely essential to my work, blurs my view in the real world and the problem intensifies during the day. Once my sessions are over, I need thirty to sixty minutes to return to my normal state.

Incidentally, my assistant accompanies me wherever I expect to meet many people and voices, precisely because my sight is clouded by “automatic” readings. If, for example, I go somewhere by plane, I end up scanning all the other passengers without doing it on purpose. The time to land, I find myself completely blind, and I need my assistant to guide me a moment.

It takes me about three minutes to scan a client thoroughly. Then, I need another ten to thirty minutes to explain what I have discovered and to advise him, especially if it is the first time that I come into contact with him.

There are people to support, to “rebuild”. Indeed, my skills are not limited to physical ailments.

The soul, the heart and the spirit

Each “scan” involves me beyond the physical health of my client. I also examine his soul, his heart and his spirit. Although these three components of being are always grouped, they are totally different.

The first is the soul, or consciousness of the person. It is sometimes called “the ghost in the machine”.

Your soul resides in your brain, where your memories and your experience are stored. When you leave the world of the living, your soul carries those memories with it. In the case of a person suffering from an injury or an affection causing amnesia, at his death, exactly the same thing happens.

Soul damage causes energy loss

Your soul is also home to your hopes and your faith, both of which are meant to help you stay on the way.

Ideally, your soul is intact. However, the trials of existence can damage it or even break small pieces. This happens as a result of trauma (death of a loved one, betrayal of a loved one, self-love).

When I scan a client, the fractures of his soul resemble the cracks in a cathedral window. I know where they are because they let in the light.

As for the missing pieces, they make me think of a house whose light stubbornly refuses to light in certain rooms.

The damage of the soul causes loss of energy or vital force. That’s why it’s important to know that they exist. The problems of some of my clients are not physical. It is rather distress of the soul.

These people are vulnerable. When one of your friends confesses that he does not feel ready to start a new relationship because he is still suffering from his last breakup, know that he suffers from a wound of the soul and that he needs time to heal before taking risks again.

Similarly, when you find that someone is pursuing a relentless spiritual quest (religion, guru, books on personal development, meditation retreats), it is perhaps that his soul is damaged and that he instinctively seeks a way to repair it. It is indeed very important. Once our earthly life is over, we need a soul in good enough condition to survive its journey beyond the stars to God.

The second component of being is the physical heart, the place of residence of love, compassion and joy. A functional soul is not everything. That does not prevent to have the heart broken or injured.

Your heart serves you as a compass. He plays guides when your soul is not at the rendezvous. It also serves as a net in case of a soul injury, ensuring your safety time to solve the problems of fractures and missing parts.

It records all your good intentions, which means that you can have a soul bruised but a heart tender and warm. In fact, the hearts of people whose souls have suffered many setbacks are often even greater. The tests make more understanding, promoting love and compassion.

The third component that interests me in my clients is their spirit, in other words their will and their physical strength. The mind and the soul are two different things. Your mind allows you to climb mountains, run and fight. Even when your soul can no longer and your heart is at the end of the roll, your mind can carry you, the time to heal. For example, I can tell a very sick client to walk, to observe birds, and to watch sunsets. This restores fishing to his mind, which can be the first step in rebuilding his heart and soul.

All human beings are different, they have their own experiences, their own feelings and their own moods. A compassionate healer must adapt and consider each illness, each personality as unique in order to relieve the sufferings of his client. According to the Spirit, compassion is the most important ingredient of healing.

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